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Ferrero Group generated sales of € 10.3 billion in 2016, an increase of + 8.2%
compared to the previous year. The main products are Nutella, Rocher, Kinder
Surprise, Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno and Tic-tac. Despite global uncertainties,
Ferrero has achieved significant growth and expansion worldwide, with a
significant increase in sales, while continuing to drive investment in its
brands. They also maintained a high level of operating profit and strengthened internal
R & D activities. Ferrero invested 631 million euros that year in the
development of its production capacity, against 646 million euros the previous

the same year Ferrero consolidated 86 subsidiaries worldwide with 22 operating
manufacturing plants. The products are sold directly or through authorized
distributors in more than 170 countries. The Group had 32990 employees, up 28%
from the previous year, mainly due to the impact of the first full
consolidation of Thorntons.

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has established unique relationships with its raw material sources through the
implementation of traceability and security, allowing it to manage the entire
production circuit, to choose the best suppliers, while respecting its values
and its respect for the environment. The Group relies on agricultural companies
for direct cultivation in Australia, Argentina and South Africa, and for
manufacturing in Turkey and Italy.


is known worldwide with its strong brand image, and the development of its own unique
products. The company is committed to collaborating only with suppliers and
distributors who respect international standards for workers and human dignity.

is a key factor in Ferrero’s strategy since its willingness is to create its
own market and not to follow the market. They have their own subsidiary,
Ferrero Ingegneria Spa, in charge of thinking and building the machines that
will produce the new products. In 2007, Ferrero set up a structure to optimize
quality and energy supply costs, respecting the environment.


of Ferrero’s greatest strengths is its knowledge. «
The recipe for Nutella is not a secret like Coca-Cola (…) everyone can find out
the ingredients. We simply know how to combine them better than other people”, said
marketing manager Laurent Cremona.

for Ferrero, communication and marketing are essential for the brand image.
They want to generate a positive family image but also an image of an
environmentally and socially responsible company.

Ferrero provides a high level of training, an excellent management of human
resources, as well as a pleasant working environment. This culture is put in
place so that employees feel good and motivated in the workplace, but also so
that they feel part of the Ferrero family.

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