T-Mobile controls over financing reports, assessing the risk

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US is a public company, with its ownership dispersed among the general-public
in the form of stocks being freely traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It has
its corporate governance maintained by a board of directors and its executive
team consisting of chief executive officer, chief
financial officer and chief operations officer.

The board of directors consists
of 11 members under the Chairmanship of Mr. Timotheus
Hottges, of which five are executive directors including the CEO Mr. John J. Legere,
three are non-executive directors and three are independent directors. The
different committees include audit committee, compensation committee, Nominating, and Corporate Governance Committee.
 The Nominating and corporate governance
committee is responsible for identifying and selecting the board of directors
based on the recommendation of other board members, management and other


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The board
reviews the management activities and gives advice on the strategic issues to
enhance the company’s long-term value. It is responsible for overseeing the
different financial reporting, checking the integrity of the financial
statements and internal controls over financing reports, assessing the risk
mitigation strategies. Board is accountable to Company’s stockholders and
addresses the concerns of different stakeholders such as employees, customers, consumers,
government, suppliers and the public.


investor report states that the board should at least have three directors and
all the Audit committee members who meet the independence standards included in
NASDAQ’s stock market listing. The Board check whether each of its director
fall under the mentioned standard of independence annually.

The senior management of the company
consists of the president, chief technical officer, chief financial officer and
other senior members. The senior management reports to the board of directors.
The responsibilities of the management include managing the Company’s financial
conditions and operations, which ultimately are overseen by the board. The
senior management has the different committees such as marketing, retailing,
communications, and corporate strategy.   

into the investors’ reports, T-Mobile has maintained a transparency and sound corporate
governance practices with a fair number of insiders and independent board of
directors and has not faced any major governance and management issue.







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