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Analysis-Piedmont Natural Gas

I. Organization Background

      A. History

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Piedmont Natural Gas first started its operations in
1950. The company serves parts of Tennessee and both Carolinas. Not only does
Piedmont Natural Gas provide natural gas to its customers, it also sells
propane. After World War II, natural gas became huge in the United States. The
first year for Piedmont was not an easy one by any means and produced loss well
over what was to be expected. However, in 1952, big things started happening
for the company when steel pipe from Great Britain came about in the United
States. With good leadership, and an increase in customers, the following years
were very profitable for the company (Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc.
History, n.d.).      

Strategic Direction

The company has been successful thus far, because they
place a lot of effort into increasing their investments to “enhance shareholder
value,” (2012 Summary Annual Report, 2013). One of the ways in which they do
this is by investing in different energy connected industries. The company also
finds it very important to educate and endorse the benefits of using natural
gas to the public. This is done through direct contact with the public, as well
as online resources.  One of the biggest
benefits the company claims is lower cost, and higher reliability. The company
makes it a priority to give customers great customer service every time (2012
Summary Annual Report, 2013).

      C. Mission

Piedmont’s mission is to “Be the responsible energy
choice in our growing Southeast Markets (Culture of Accountability, 2018).” I
believe this directly reflects their strategic direction because natural gas is
an affordable option in comparison to the alternative, electric. The company
complies with all rules and guidelines to make natural gas a safe choice for
the consumer. They even make it a point to educate the community about natural
gas by providing online resources as well as public interaction. They keep
their customers happy by making sure that dependable service is always provided
(Culture of Accountability, 2018).



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