Survey socially acceptable (Krumpal, 2013). In essence, is

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Survey research is a form of social interaction,
with its own set of guiding principles. Using standard
social psychological role theory, Sudman and Bradburn (1974) conceptualized the
survey interview process as a microsocial system consisting of two roles, the
interviewer and the respondent. The actors engage in an interaction around a
common task, that of completing the interview. Later
research recognized the larger cultural context (Sudman et al., 1996; Schwarz,
2007). As in all social interactions, there are implicit cultural values,
beliefs, and rules that influence the way people behave, and respond to survey
questions. The inherent social nature of the interaction can lead respondents
to take culturally infused social norms into account when answering
particularly sensitive survey questions (Middleton & Jones, 2000),
resulting in a social desirability bias.

desirability bias is the tendency for participants to distort their answer to a
survey question, so that the answer to the survey question is more socially
acceptable (Krumpal, 2013). In essence, is it a bias that
influences a participant to appear more favorable to the interviewer or
researcher. An important determinant of socially desirable
behaviors are cultural beliefs, as they determine what constitutes a good
impression in a given situation (Nederhot, 1975). According to Paulhus (1991),
people may edit their answers in a socially desirable way either as a form of impression
management before the eyes of others or because of their susceptibility to
self-deception. In the case of this study, we are concerned with impression
management. As part of impression management, a person might purposely
misrepresent aspects of one’s identity, or their attitudes, values, beliefs,
and behavior motived by a desire to influence the judgement of one’s self by
others (Paulhus, 1991). 

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