Survey scope. This will help the contractor ensure

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Survey Design


4.1     Introduction


A questionnaire survey is one of the most effective ways
to involve a large number of peoples in the process in order to achieve better
results. The previous chapters present the need to measure and evaluate the
performance of PPP projects in different level either the project level or the
organization level, in different phases start from the development phase till
the construction of the project, for different participants and from different
stakeholders’ point of view. The key performance indicators one of the modern
techniques proposed the measure the performance and consequently define the
areas of strength and weakness and the need of corrective action to improve.

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Considering the large amount of projects that have come
to be implemented with this model of public procurement, it is important to
define the key factors that characterize them and that have more influence on
projects success. These indicators, which depend on the objectives of each
project, are the basis of evaluation, since they allow comparing actual
performance with the planned in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and quality.
The indicators are useful tools for performance management.


During the construction phase of the PPP projects,
performance measurement and evaluation of the construction contractor are
required. This measurement and evaluation is valid totally for the normal
construction project as no difference from construction company’s point of view
for the project based on its overall financial arrangement.    


 There is a
general belief that performance evaluation models developed for large
Organizations can be applied to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) either
without Modifications or with minute changes. This belief is based on the
assumption that large organizations being highly complex, models developed for
them will be robust enough to address the complexities of small organization
too. The study of this issue will be one of the target of the second


It is important for a specific contractor to be able to
compare the overall performance of different projects types that he or she is
working on, especially since these projects often differ in many ways including
size, complexity, and scope. This will help the contractor ensure continuous
improvement and to decide if any new practices he or she is trying to adopt are
worth the time and resources invested.


During this part of the research, two questionnaires
will design to serve the purpose of evaluation the performance and success of
the PPP projects from the developer company point of view or what named in this
type of the project “the concessionaire” and then later evaluate and measure
the performance of the contractor for the project during construction


For construction phase, many questionnaires were
prepared and the results were analyzed to determine the performance evaluation
formula for the any project. This search is different in classify the
performance evaluation model for the construction project as a matrix measure
in three dimension the size of organization (Small, Medium and large), type of
the project (Commercial, Industrial and heavy Civil) and the last one is the
location as the results mainly related to Egypt construction’s performance.


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