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Suppose you push a chair, and the chair moves. What is the cause? The cause of the movement of this chair is energy. And the effect, too, is energy. So, from here, we can conclude that it is a cause itself which becomes the effect in its other form. If energy is a cause, energy is going to be the effect. If mass is a cause, mass is going to be the effect in its other form. Now, if we say that God is the cause, if it is He Himself who has created this universe, the effect here is our universe. And we know that a cause is what becomes an effect in its other form, we conclude that the universe, being the effect, should be the cause also in another form. It means that the universe itself is God. Yes, this is what our Advaitic philosophy says.                 There could be different and different waves in an ocean. But what does make the waves different from the ocean? Can you think about those two things that make the waves different from the ocean? The two things are the form and the name. It is the form and the name that make the waves different from the ocean. Take the name and the form, and the wave will become the ocean. So is the case with the universe. The universe is like an ocean, and we, the Sun, the Moon, all are like waves in this ocean. And if something makes us different from one another, it is the form and the name. The moment we lose our forms, there will not be any difference between anything in this universe, and we will become this Universe.             The great Advaitic philosophy says that there is no dualism, and, in the end, everything becomes one single substance, which is independent of space, time and causation. I am trying to elaborate it a little more through the conception of our modern science. Here is the harmony between our modern science and our Vedantic theories.          Our science says that there are two things in the universe –  Force carriers like photons, gluons,bosons, and gravitons and Matter particles like quarks. So say the Vedantic theories- ” There are, of course, two things, but we call them Prana and Akasha in lieu of calling them Force and matter. But as a matter of fact, these two, too, become one. There exists something which is neither the force carriers nor the matter particles, something out of which have evolved these two”. If we go on deeper and deeper into our quantum physics, we will find something which is neither of the two,which is independent of space, time and causation. That thing is so fine that that has no form. That’s what the Advaitists say.                                             Sisters and Brothers, our work is not to condemn and criticise others, their culture and their philosophy but to understand them, for give and take is the only law. Accept others, and you will be accepted by them. Love others and you will be loved by them. We are all different and different waves of the same ocean. Doesn’t hurting others mean hurting yourself?  Understand the beauty; materialism isn’t what the real joy is in. Believe yourself and believe in your potential, for you are the only God. It’s just a little work, there are quite a few things left for you. Be connected, we are going to cast light on a lot of new things. I thank you for reading  my work.

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