Summer Have you ever wondered why do

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December 2017

Why Do People Commit Crimes?

             Have you ever wondered why do
people commit crimes? Unfortunately, many crimes are committed every few
seconds in the U.S. (Crime Clock). There are many theories for why people
commit crimes, just as there are many types of crimes to commit. Whether it’s a
misdemeanor or a felon, a mistake or malice, crime continues to happen. Some
reasons as to why the percentage rate of crime is high, are due to individuals
who grow up in rough environments, those who have mental illnesses, or even
those who do not find personal fulfillment.

Individuals who live in
neighborhoods with a higher crime rate verse the average neighborhood, may be
more prone to commit a crime. This
theory is applicable to petty crimes relating to drug use, theft or trespassing.

A child who grows up in a poor neighborhood that cannot find employment may commit
a petty crime to achieve their needs such as food or clothing. One may illustrate
actions that allow them to finesse others, that could lead to a robbery. Also,
someone who doesn’t grow up in a stable family or surrounds themselves with people
of bad influences are more probable to commit offences. As the saying goes, ‘you
are the company you keep’. A study shows, “children with violent parents are
more likely to become violent through learned behaviors” (What Causes Someone
to Exhibit Criminal Behavior?). If a child grows up around these types of
behaviors, it is possible they will follow. Otherwise known as the butterfly
effect… Monkey see, monkey do.

person who is mentally ill and is not in the right state of mind, could be more
possible to commit a crime. An individual who does not know how severe their
condition is can commit a crime without even realizing it. Someone who is in the
hospital for a mental illness can also commit a crime inside the facility. “Thousands
of assaults occur in American hospitals each year” (Marie and Randon). Certain
types of mental illnesses can control a person’s behaviors. Jail time may not
be the answer to these issues but getting them help certainly is crutial.

When certain people are unable to attain
the things they want through hard work, simply because they don’t have similar
opportunities or abilities of someone else, they might try to achieve that same
level of success through crime. “Twenty percent of children
who come from low-income homes are charged with crimes by age 24” (What Causes
Someone to Exhibit Criminal Behavior?). One who is unable to be successful and
find good employment, may be a reason why people come in conflict with the law.

They have difficulties living a happy and fulfilled life so they commit crimes
to try to make this feeling possible. An individual who went to school, got a
degree, and found a good job is less likely to feel the need to go against the
law. “Higher education levels and steady employment lessen a person’s chances
for entering the criminal justice system” (What Causes Someone to Exhibit
Criminal Behavior?).









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