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Coding Assessment


A: Research


Question 1:

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There are 3 methods that
can be used to test the Apps you create on Apps Inventor.

These methods are: AI
COMPANION, EMULATOR and USB.They can be found on the CONNECT menu in the Apps
Inventor website.


Explain (in your own words)
how the AI COMPANION and the USB methods work.


Companion Method: (2 marks):

It is easy and simple to
connect your phone or tablet over wifi. It requires just a few quick steps.
First of all, you have to download and install the MIT App Inventor Companion
App on your android phone or tablet. Then, you need to connect your
phone/tablet and computer to the same internet (wifi) connection. After that,
you need to open an App Inventor and connect it to your device. In a bit, the
app that you are making will show up on your device.


  USB Method: (2 marks):

Using the USB method is
also easy but requires a bit more work and steps. To start off, you need to
install the app inventor setup software. You then need to download (and
install) the MIT AI2 Companion app on your mobile device or tablet. Launch the
aiStarter (Windows/Linux/GNU only) and set up your device for USB and turn on
USB Debugging. Finally, connect your computer device and authenticate if
necessary and test your connection.


Question 2:

What is the main difference
between using the previous 2 methods and using the Emulator? (2 marks)


One difference is that the
Emulator method does not require an internet connection and a lan network while
the previous 2 require that in order to connect. Another difference is that
using the USB Method and the AI Companion method is easier and less-complicated
than the Emulator as the emulator method requires levels of coding and specific


Question 3:

Is it possible to test an
App created using the App Inventor on a an iPad? Justify your answer. (2 marks)


No, it is not possible to
connect and test the app you have created on an iPad or an apple (IOS) device
as all the methods require specific apps and softwares to be downloaded and
installed that are not available on the IOS store while only available on the
google play or store. However there is an update of the Emulator and the App
Inventor 2 website so that it works on IOS.


Criteria D:

Q1. How would you test the
app you created above? Name the tool and how it works.

After working on the
Designer and the block son the App Inventor 2 website, make sure you have the
correct blocks then launch your Emulator (AI starter) and connect it to App
Inventor 2. If you have an outdated emulator, it will ask you to update and
give you instructions on how to update it. If not, wait until it is fully
connected to the App Inventor Website and wait for the blocks to connect, this
will take a while. After that, you can use the app in the way you designed it
to be used.


Q2. What features can you
add to this app to make it more effective?

You can add a lot of things
to make the app moire useful and attract a wider audience and more people to
download it. For example, adding more things to do on the app such as a wider
variety of games combined into one app using MIT App Inventor. You can also add
a wider variety of answers on the Magic 8 Ball and add challenges, ads and


Q3. If you know that this
app will be tested/used on an Android device (i.e: tablet), what features can
you add to the app to make it more effective?

If this app is used on the
tablet on which there is a wider variety of available features, you can add
stuff like vibrations to make the game more fun and increase the players


Q4. If you were asked to
create any App you want on App Inventor, what would that app be (regardless of
whether you know how to create it or not).

Explain your idea.

My idea for an app if I can
create any app and knew ow to create it, it would be a scary/horror game. In
this game, there are jump scares, vibrations (This can only be tested with an
android device such as a tablet or a phone) increases and decreases in volume,
different sound effects and other things.



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