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Summary of bookHow poverty is shown in A Tale of Two Cities?Poverty is shown throughout A Tale of Two Cities.  One example is when the Marquis gives the kid’s father on gold coin for the father’s loss.  The Marquis, a character in A Tale of Two Cities is portrayed as high class and rich.  He orders his driver to race through the streets of Paris, but the driver hits a child.  The Marquis then tosses the child’s father one gold coin for the loss of his child.  This shows that the Marquis believes that one’s life is only worth one gold coin.  Another example of poverty is shown when a cask of red wine breaks in front of the wine shop.  Many citizens around the scene rushed to drink as much wine as possible, because they are starved and thirsty.  Since the wine in the cask is red, it foreshadows that the people in poverty will revolt against the ruling class because of how poorly they are treated.WEBSITEWhat is poverty?Poverty is being in a situation of famine, not having clean drinking water or shelter, struggling to live each day.  UNESCO states that making less than one dollar a day is considered as extreme poverty.  Poverty has always been an issue that followed us humans ever since existence.  Poverty affects many people worldwide, even in Canada.  Poverty exists because of throughout our history, people have been paid poorly for the work that they did and had no support from the upper/ruling classes causing many to be in a situation of famine and homelessness.Summary of videoThe video shared that people used to measure poverty, but you can’t because it isn’t a thing/object.  Poverty is happening because of seperation, this causes the poor to remain poor like in a box, and the rich to remain rich.  You can give money to the poor but, that will do nothing for them because they are still in that box.  Since poverty is caused from separation, we need togetherness to help stop it.  Since we are not in poverty, we think that we are the lucky ones, we are scared to help the poor because we are afraid of losing what we have.  This separation is happening everywhere and is causing breaks in our relationships.  The key to togetherness in love because it has no wall so the poor will not be separated from the rich anymore.  Why is it important to end poverty?Many people are in poverty causing it to be a major issue in the future.  Rising child poverty rates are increasing which will damage our society because child poverty increases health risks.  When health risks increase, the future of our world is in danger because there will be less people in the future.  Causing child mortality rates to increase, making more children likely to die from disease than live, which will weaken families because of the emotional damage of a child’s death.  It is important to end poverty because it causes an endless chain of disasters and will harm the future of our world and future generations.Helping organizationsUNICEF-United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund  (1946)UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) works in 190 countries to save children’s lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfill their potential.  UNICEF will never give up because every child deserves to have UNICEF.  UNICEF helps by insuring child protection and inclusion, child survival, education, innovation, supplies and logistics, and research and analysis.World Vision  (1950)World Vision is a Christian organization that is working on development to create change in the lives of many children, families and communities to overcome poverty. World Vision is inspired by Christian values, and is dedicated to working with people despite of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender.Bread For The World (1974)Bread for the World is a Christian organization urging our nation’s leaders to put an end hunger at home and abroad.  This organization believes that if you join them, you have the will to stop hunger by helping to win changes in the government that create help and opportunities for the people in hunger.What you can do to help povertyThere are many ways that you can help stop poverty, some are; being aware of the issue, you need to know about the issue before you can help to stop it.  Donating, fundraising, and diverting your spending money will allow you to help provide the poor with essential human needs to survive.  Volunteering will allow you to spent time hands on to helping the issue while getting to know more.  

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