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(Sudhir Pande, 2013) Entrepreneurs of small and tiny
enterprises seem to imitate ideas for initial risk coverage and ease of market
penetration, hence we find less innovativeness. Moreover, very few
entrepreneurs seem to strive to manufacture indigenous substitutes for imported
goods. This is a business building quality of entrepreneur useful for
developing resources. Most of the entrepreneurs seem to have this quality.
Implementation of this quality for overall business growth is needed. This
needs to be studied during further analysis. The response from the tiny
enterprices for the question, how do you improve your volume of business, the
response received from 37% of the respondents were through improving quality of
the product. Entrepreneurs are interested in improving the quality of the
product as well as any change in the product to withstand in competitive
market. Locating marketing gaps for existing product is also indication of
innovativeness. In small scale enterprise most of the times entrepreneur might get busy
with daily operational activities and simultaneously they try to complete the
daily production through dispatches. Naturally, there were always alert in
completing targeted production. Hence small scale entrepreneur seems to measures their business objective
through volume of sale or, orders in hand or by. Analysis leads to the conclusion
that in small and tiny enterprises employment of controlling staff e.g.
manager, engineers, supervisors and even accounting staff is less. This
ultimately affects the controlling and coordinating system and further
deteriorates the performance of the industry. In small units entrepreneur is
not sharing his responsibilities of the business and depending more on workers
and gets busy along with operational activities leaving no room to play
managerial functions. Monitoring of the activity is an important task in the
business. In small scale units entrepreneur is required to get involved 100%
for this. This is not observed in actual practice. He is rather dependent on
skilled workers and is not very keen in keeping daily records

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