Subhash and Bela goes
to Calcutta to meet his mother as he misses his father’s last journey. When
they return from Calcutta they were terrified to find out that Gauri had fled
away. Gauri leaves a note to Subhash in which she praises him as a perfect
father and can take care of Bela all by himself, and she is going to
California. Gauri, after bouncing around all of California settles in a stable
job in Claremont College. Subhash takes care of Bela who comes to adolescent
age, due to stress and despair she gets physically disturbed and she was in
need of medical attention. She recovers, and becomes very active in her high
school club activities and finishes her high school and graduation lives a
aimless life and spends her time researching conservation of the environment. Time
runs as Bela steps into her thirties, when Subhash finds that she is expecting
a child whose father is unknown. Subhash gets fury and at last reveals
unwillingly, Udayan is her father and he is his step dad. Bela upset and
disgraced walks out of him. But soon she forgives him and they start to live
together in Rhode Island where Bela gives birth to Meghna, her daughter. Subhash
sends a letter asking Gauri to give him a formal divorce which she readily
accepts. In order to give him the divorce papers Gauri visits his house and
finds Bela and Meghna. Bela introduces her as her great aunt to Meghna and she
was full of enemity against Gauri and treats her as an unwanted guest.

In the final chapters we
come to know that the American individuality propelled Gauri to walk out of her
husband after twelve years of marriage life to enjoy sexual liberty. Gauri
often rattled lovers and sometimes she had no one. In addition to this she even
cultivates a lesbian relationship with Lorna, a graduate student who seeks
Gauri’s help for her dissertation. In short she acculturates herself and opens
the gate for Lesbian Literature. Gauri after her seperation goes to Calcutta,
where deserted and in a complete anguish and depression thinks of commiting
suicide. Subhash marries Elise, Bela’s teacher. Even in his last days he thinks
fondly of Gauri.

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