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Studying subjects like statistical methods for
economics and introductory econometrics stoked my proclivity towards Business
Analytics. It was fascinating for me how quantitative and analytical tools can
be used to convert huge amount of statistical data to draw inferences that
improve organizations at the micro level and formulate policies at the macro
level. After gaining a firm foundation in the field through an undergraduate
study, I further cemented my career path through the various practical
experiences I had, and thus, I have decided to pursue a Masters in Business


Deeply committed to my study at the University of
Delhi, I undertook an Econometrics research project on Relationship between the
marks of a student and other exogenous factors like family income, involvement
in cultural societies, self-study hours, parent’s education, etc. by running a
regression using Gretl. Primary data was collected through a questionnaire, and
standard deviation, regression analysis, and a simple random technique were
used. I spearheaded the presentation of a custom excel report in the class
resulting in a better perception that provided a clear picture of the factors
affecting students’ performance.This experience provided in-depth knowledge of
how to connect data through analytics and how to communicate data-driven
insights to everyone involved. Through this project, I discovered a way to combine all my
strength and passion in one field of study. Moreover, the countless hours that
I spent on an internship working as a business analyst at Bata India Limited provided
me hands-on experience. After refining my skill set in a professional
environment, I was inspired to work in the field of Analytics and join a course
in PYTHON and C++ programming languages.Working in numerous roles within the
profit and non-profit sectors exposed me to a range of circumstances where I
learned to appreciate the value of data-driven solutions using statistical
techniques. This infused me with confidence to choose Business Analytics for my
Master’s study.


In the next five-years,
I see myself as an established Business Analyst
working in the analytics department of international organizations such
as JP Morgan or Citigroup. I hope to have acquired a
significant exposure to operations within the organization by then, at the
precipice of taking the next step. In the long run, I visualize myself in a position from where I can lead organizations working in the same
sphere. With my decisions, I hope to influence the tide of businesses across
the globe. However, in order to achieve my dreams and
aspirations, I need a world-class education in the field of Business Analytics, and I
can think of no better place aligned with my needs than Cox Business School.

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The broad and flexible curriculum at Cox Business School makes it a class apart from traditional
education institutions. After much research, I found it to be the
perfect balance between information technology operation management courses and
business concentrated modules. Further, the emphasis
on a practical-oriented education along with myriad case studies will help me make insightful business decisions, as
soon as I enter the professional world post-graduation. While I have developed a strong foundation, I
realize that I have a long way to go before I realize my full potential. I need
to learn how to make use of
the statistical and programming skills in business,
and Cox will ensure that I have the necessary
resources to get the edge over my peers.


I am
really excited to be a part of your ‘Managing your Career’ class, which will
further help in garner my analytic skills. I am really keen to be
a part of Net Impact at Cox as well because my belief that a venture can churn
profits while bringing about a positive change is aligned with the club’s
vision. Lastly, interacting and exchanging ideas a diverse group of individuals
in the heart of the fastest growing metropolitan, will help me forge long-lasting
relationships atWU1 
the cross-section of data, economics, and finance.

To succeed at my goal, my efforts need to start off
small and focused. Cox School Business is more than a school, it’s a globally
enmeshed community, and being part of it would be an honor for me.

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