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Student Formula (FS) is a student colligate club design competition organized by Society of Automotive Engineers with a motive to design and manufacture an open-wheel formula series race car and to test the capabilities next generation of engineers. Over 500 universities across the globe participate in this competition series with events held in India, Japan, Germany, Italy, Brazil, United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom. This series is known for the participation of enthusiastic and passionate next generation engineers along with their broad range of marvelous designs and innovations implemented in the cars which were never seen before elsewhere. The norms of the competition are limited technically but are very tight and strict in terms of safety. The most important part of these rules is engine package. The engine package is set into the limit of the four-stroke engine with a maximum displacement of 610cc. And most of the teams across the globe are using the multi-cylinder engines derived from motorcycles based on their budget. To maintain the competition healthy the 20mm intake restrictor plays a key role. As the engine always needs an appropriate amount of air-fuel mixture to give out its peak performance and with multi-cylinder engine packages how come a single-cylinder package stands-out? The answer to this is intake restrictor which when placed in the path of engine intake hits very hard to engine in terms of performance. And in order to restore the performance of an engine, the intake restrictor must be designed in such a manner that the engine breaths with the restrictor in same manner as it was breathing without restrictor and it is possible only when the maximum mass flow rate of air through the restrictor occurs with minimum pressure drop across it. In this paper we are designing and analyzing the restricted intake for a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with following specifications:

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