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Stress can be caused by many different things, depending on the person. Even though everyone can have a variety of different situations that can stress them out, it can be reduced by using the same techniques. Teenagers go through massive amounts of stress everyday whether it be because of academics, career decisions, relationships with friends and family, or self-image. Another commonly accepted source of stress for teens would extracurricular activities. According to The Washington Post, 83% of teens say that school was a significant source of stress. After researching teen stress, I think the main cause of it would be school because every teenager has to deal with school on a daily basis while many people are peer pressuring them to get good grades. The most commonly accepted source of stress for teens is based on self image. Peer pressure and the struggle to meet the expectations of parents, coaches, teachers and maybe even friends. Teenagers are more than likely full time students which means they have an overload of work that needs to be completed by a certain time. Managing your time when you’re a honors student or taking AP courses is difficult because the amount of work is larger especially if the teen is involved in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, or work. When teens start to look in the future of their lives, choosing a career path is not easy for them. Choosing a career path comes with pressure by your parents as well as teachers telling you to choose the best university that can give you a successful life. As soon as the teen decides what career path to take they then need to start looking a universities that will help them become successful. Choosing universities then brings the stress to the table with expectations they have for each accepted student. When the students picks his/her university they then began to stress about their SAT scores being high enough, or if they are able to afford the cost. Academics as well as figuring out his/her life can really put a toll on them as well as wearing them out.

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