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Management Assignment


A Gonzalez

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we all struggle with it. We know is bad and can shorten our lives, age us too
premature, make us unhappy and unhealthy- yet we cannot seem to get away from
it. I want to begin my paper with a little description of myself. I have been
trying to live healthy by eating the right food and doing regular exercise, I
had no idea how much damage stress had been causing me both physically and
mentally. Stress was something that I believed was a normal part of life.
Although I did not intentionally choose to be stressed, I was unaware that I
had a choice in how I could react to situations. However, by my thirties, I was
not only able to become conscious of this process, but also how to change my


this class, I am constantly reminded that I have some really unusual ways to
deal with stress. The stress management techniques that I used for my
assignment was misdirection and repetition. I start by not thinking too much
about what needs to be done or I will obsess over it. It’s like trying to remember
something that’s on the tip of your tongue and the more you try to remember it,
the harder it is to think of it. So, I fill my mind with things completely
unrelated to the current situation. Even as I type this, I’m playing a game on
my phone, watching TV and doing laundry. The first week of school I had a
difficult time integrating my new schedule into my lifestyle. I was studying at
different times and different days depending on how busy I was. By doing that,
I realized the best time of the day for me to study was constantly changing. I
found myself more energetic, happier, and less stressed if I did schoolwork
throughout the day.  My deadlines were at
the end of the week and I could take my time – whenever that time hit me. This
works for me because before, I would experience physical stress symptoms all
the time, I worry too much about the future, I get stuck on negative thoughts,
and I have an intense dislike for ignorance.


the end of the second week, I made more changes in my behavior. I began to
schedule more of what I needed to do. The more I did it, the more I liked it.
I’m not sure if it actually made me more organized but I was less stressed
because I had a purpose. I know I’m supposed to give a more detailed account of
my (stressful) life but this class is starting to feel more like we’re
auditioning for a psychologist game show.


I have learned from this incident is that managing stress is all about taking
charge of my thoughts, my emotions, my desires, my surroundings, and the way I
deal with problems.



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