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The tragic hour In literature there are many different settings to a story that help the reader understand it more. THE STORY OF AN HOUR is a good example of how setting defines the story. The period when the story took place is imperative so the reader can understand where the main character comes from. Mrs. Mallard Bedroom is another setting that is important to the story. The story takes place in the late 1800s . In that time period woman had no rights and were not equals. This setting is important because the reader can understand from where Mrs. Mallard is coming from.

Mrs. Mallard describes her body and soul as being free and that now she wishes to live a longer life. Her husband being dead opens up a new life for her and the reader can understand why she feels joy instead of sorrow. Mrs. Mallard going to her bedroom is another setting that is important to understand the story. It is important because this is the place she chooses to let out her true emotions. The bedroom is usually a place to reflex and be comfortable and this is exactly what she did. There were no other place for her to of done this with her sister in the house.

Irony of the story with this setting is because as soon as she steps out of her temple of comfort this is when she faces her death. THE STORY OF AN HOUR is a good example on how setting can make an impact towards a story. Readers can sympathize with the main character because of the setting so she won’t be perceived as cold and heartless. The main characters choice of the bedroom symbolizes her comfort in that area. These two settings define this short story and help the reader understand it in a different level.

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