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This guidebook will be a reference for
new recruiters on how to get the students into our organization.It comes handy
on dealing with various kind of criticalities while dealing with various
students irrespective of their ethnic,demographic & cultural barriers.This
book will serve you in every aspect on getting a student into our organization
as well as keeping him attached with the organization for a longer period of
time.Initially we will discuss only on how to get the students without going to


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Gathering basic information of

Preparing a pitch

Cold calling

Know their interests

360 degree information

Rate is an issue. Be Generous

Being Comitted & Trust is the key



Gathering basic information of

We are able to find the information of
the students by

*Organize a training session/have a
potential requirement for position closure

*Post in regards to it in Various
websites like Desiopt ,Optbuzz, opt

,Dice,Techfetch,indeed and other websites based on the country of

*At college and universities try to
spread a word about your organization

*Counsel the students individually

*Always be in a Go getter mode.

*Collect the email Ids of the students
because most of the times they are hesitant to share their info.

*Have a sign up sheet with you which
contains columns like Name, email id, contact#, university, Technology
interested, Prior experience.



Contact #



Prior work ex













*Approach universities to get the list
of info in regards to the students

*Approach alumni assosciations for the
same. They will prove worthy

*Arrange meetups during every weekend
with students @ nearby universities.

                             Preparing a pitch

Have a very good pitch while
presenting yourself to the Audience i.e. Students

Your pitch should involve the
information of the Company

The clients with whom we have dealt

The technologies on which we have a
grip on placing them.

Information of our Direct clients.

If we are e-verified let them know.

The number of visas we have filed in
the prior year eg: H1-B

Educate them on how our company will
be a benefit to them in providing a longterm career for them

Give them a vision of how things will
be in mere future for them.

Include the exclusive benefits that we
are offering them to be with our organization

Right kind of motivation

Testimonies of previous students who
have joined our organization

Who have developed a good career now.

So by covering all these topics during
our pitch we are able to get the students attracted to our organization and we
will be in a position to mentor them in near future.


                                Cold calling

This is the most important aspect of
this industry and the chances of a positive outcome will be 7/10.

Try to reach out to as many number of
people in a day

Give them information about our

Be aggressive while you do cold

Never take a “NO” for an Answer

Welcome questions coming from the

Answer them with a great patience.

Present yourself as a Guru of this
staffing industry with a vast knowledge and having an answer for all the
questions that they will be posing you.

Have Right Attitude while we speak
with them.

Create an interest amongst the
students where they voluntarily come forward to join our organization

Always discuss the problems which the
student is facing

Try to build a professional as well as
personal rapport with the student.


Cold calling will be your instant key
to get the Students into your organization. The more number of people you try
to call there are more number of chances for the students to join.

                            Know their interests

As we are entering the universities we
will find the Students coming from various backgrounds in terms of their
technical skills, analytical skills etc… So we need to assess every individual
based on his background and suggest him a technology based on where he stands.
If a candidate is coming from life sciences background and wants to have a
career in IT. Then we need to suggest him a technology where the requirement of
coding skills is very low. And also see where he/she stands out in terms of in
trying to learn a new technology. See to it that all of their questions are
being answered. Once you are able to assess the candidate based on his
individual need try to give out some information on it. If possible share some
weblinks or training videos so that the candidate will have a headsup before we
start the training sessions. The key for this business is suggesting the right
technology to the right candidate. If we are able to this task right then we
will not have to worry about losing the candidate


                       360 degree information

This refers to knowing the status of
the candidate. Always concentrate on those candidates who are about to
graduate. They are the potential candidates who will be looking out for jobs.
So gather information on when the candidate is about to graduate from the
university. When is he /She is going to Apply for OPT. What will be the Start
date of OPT because it varies on when the candidate applies for OPT. Also
gather information on the expiration of his work Authorization. The reason for
us to gather this information is because other than STEM candidates everyone
has OPT for only one Year. The candidates who come under STEM (Science
Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) will have an extension of Work
Authorization. Ask the candidate as when he wants to File for H1B and what’s
the priority of it. Know whether the candidates have issues in Relocation.
Because this may pose as biggest hurdle for us to get him placed as per his
location constraint. Always seek candidates who are willing to Relocate
anywhere in the country for a Job. Once we go through getting all this
information from him we will be able to finalize and figure out who will be a
potential candidate and also an Immediate Asset for our company

               Rate is an issue. Be Generous

Because of all the information in
regards to the rate being offered is available through online and also from
their immediate seniors we have to be very careful in paying the consultant.
Neither we need to pay them high or neither low. We have to pay them as per the
market rate. But to attract more number of students to our organization we need
to pay them a bit high on par with our competitors. We need to do a market
research on how the other consulting firms are paying out to their consultants
based on different technologies available in the market. We should always
discuss the rate with the candidate prior to him undergoing the training and
also sign in a contract in regards to it. This is not a tip infact it’s a
prescription. Usually the rate the other competitive Consulting firms payout
$32/hr to their consultants whose after tax payment will be somewhere around
$4400-$4600. So if we are able to tell them that they can draw atleast $5000
after taxes they will be more than happy to join our organization. This will have
a direct effect on these candidates because they help us out in recommending
some more people to us which ultimately ends up in the growth of the

          Being Comitted & Trust is the key

Our focus should not only be in
getting the candidate for training. Infact we have to show great enthusiasm in
placing the candidate in a company. We have to be very proactive in getting
them a job. So for that we need to be very transparent with the candidates in
regards to on how many days will the training period last. What are all the
topics we have promised them that we will cover and also by what time we will
get them a placement. Always make a right commitment to the candidate. We
should always be very transparent and crystal clear on our abilities to get
them placed. Always have buffer time in your mind while you are promising
him/her in regards to the placement. Build trust by keeping up to your words
and live up to the expectations and promises you made.


Success is residue of Hard work

This content is completely written and
Copyrighted @ Srinath Tirukovela. With no reference to any content on the
internet or books



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