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Steve Paul Jobs – associate degree american businessperson, innovator, and business decision-maker is also the one who was the leader, officer, corporate executive and co-founder of Apple.We are familiar with the fact that Steve Jobs was incredibly successful in his career. He had done most through his career. He never gave up on his dreams. generally he fell however the actual fact that he became successful is the result of his dedication towards success. he  had an innovative mind, with capability of thinking new ideas or i’ll say he simply thinks of amazing ideas and new creations.I can image myself as a technopreneur, however taking a similar career path as Steve Job? i believe he was way more capable of managing a business like Apple and Macintosh, than me  managing a similar business. although I even have trust in myself and believed that I can be a thriving technopreneur however not as Steve Jobs reason is I don’t have the talents and  the work ethics of Steve Jobs. i like steve job alot because he has set an example of dedication towards success and having faith in oneself.  He was an excellent man. He was capable of thinking new ideas and innovating new technology.If I have the opportunities that Steve Jobs had in his success perhaps i might take a similar path that he took but this is also a fact that he’s a rare man that pursue his goals. With the determination of his work, he’s one among a sort. Of course, it’s an honor if you’ll achieve success like Steve Jobs.If you’d question me that if i might take a similar career path Steve Jobs took, i’ll say no. REASON: every person is exclusive. Steve Jobs is exclusive and that i am too .Each has the proper to settle on and a freedom to have their individual opinions. it’s straightforward to mention that “I needed to be that person” however it’s laborious to act just like the individual that you needed to be. i’ll not take a similar career with him as a result of i’m not him and he has these distinctive capabilities that are literally rare currently. Everything  is possible and success depend on  what path you’ll opt for. one issue that’s vital is your determination. you must recognize what you’re doing and be addicted to it. people also  become successful due to their own path that they had chosen.With the angle of being dedicated, determined on a particular goal and an excellent mind, perhaps sometime I will be as successful  Steve Jobs by following  my very own path.

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