Statement such situations, there is a greater need

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Statement of Purpose

believes that Quantitative Techique and Operation Management
research need a true researchers in acadmic and industries in
present and the future to forecast the growth of ogrnisation in
times, called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” is
a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in
manufacturing technologies.

Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by the convergence of
breakthrough technologies – such as advanced robotics, artificial
intelligence, the internet of things, virtual and augmented reality,
wearables and additive manufacturing – that are transforming
productions processes and business models across different

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Fourth industrial revolution creates what has been called a “smart
factory”. Where lot of issues need to be adressed like buisness
model optimization, smart supply chain, smart logistics, IT security
mangement, new texation model, new IP Management etc.

usefulness of the Quantitative Technique was evidenced by a steep
growth in the application of scientific management in decision-making
in various fields of engineering and management, quantitative
techniques had facilitated the organization in solving complex
problems on time with greater accuracy. The future is clouded with
uncertainty and fast changing, and many industries are adopting the
lastest technolgy in their firm and decision-making – a crucial
activity – cannot be made on a trial-and-error basis or by using a
thumb rule approach. In such situations, there is a greater need for
applying scientific methods to decision-making to increase the
probability of coming up with good decisions.

implication in our day to day life makes it very important to undergo
through research for its effective evolution with time and need. I
wishes to join Quantitative Methods and Operation Management field as
an academician and contribute towards the development of more
resources through my research and teaching.

find that my motivation, as well as my aptitude, is the strongest in
this field. I find Quantitative Methods and Operation Management the
most appealing areas of Management because of their many beautiful
results together Decision making in differnt areas. To
an ever-increasing extent, modern management is adopting and applying
quantitative techniques to aid in the process of decision making. The
quantitative methods have a profound effect on the “art”
of management.

reading of certain outstanding research articles, case studies and
reputed journals on quantitative methods and operation management
through differnt sources like world economic forum, Springer
Journals, Science Direct, Opus Research. ‘The Goal’ finally
convinced me to pursue a FPM in operations management and an academic
career thereafter.

present work in the area of Buisness Process Management and
operations research was characterised by a dichotomy of approaches.

This has given me a good background in issues related to methodology,
modelling, and heuristic solutions. Through my future research
efforts I would like to understand rinsk mangement in fourth
Industrial revolution in production and manufacturing industries.

After gaining a thorough grounding in this topic, I am interested in
applying the operation research methodologies and techniques to risk
mangement in the fourthh industrial revolution.  
believe that i have qualities to be a good researcher and teacher; I
am a creative person and often love to understand complex things and
simplifying it for others. I also have very good communication skills
which are required for researcher. I will bring with me my diverse
experience, my positive attitude to sampling complex things to the
Institute. Hence i believe that I would be an Ideal candidate for
this FPM position.

fellowship programme would provide me with all the necessary support,
guidance and opportunity to come up with an excellent research work
during 4-5 years of extensive research in an institute of excellence
like IIM-Kozhikode
would not only equip me with the necessary management and research
skills but it would also bring in me traits of an excellent
academician. I believes that IIM Kozhikode
offers all the required infrastructure, faculty presence and exposure
that is required for this research work. I believe my background has
not only qualified me technically but also given me the right
mind-set for such a career and the advanced courses, balanced program
and distinguished faculty of your Institute will help me reach that
achievement. With the conviction that I can sustain myself through
the intense graduate study, I have made the decision to apply FPM
Program at IIM Kozhikode
and request your serious consideration.

look forward to joining as a graduate student in your department and
having a long and mutually profitable association with IIM Kozhikode.


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