of Purpose

love for pharmacy is many-sided and not exclusive to a singular field due to
the enormous and elaborate relationship between its disciplines, as well as
with other fields. While my interest in pharmaceutical science has been present
for as long as I can remember, the desire to focus my research on drug design
especially in the aspect of medicinal chemistry, is as a result of a range of experiences,
which further define my research interests.

an undergraduate, I have always been geared towards graduate school and a
career as a professional Chemist, although I was undecided of the area of
specialization; as I did not want to be confined to a singular field of study.
Consequently, during my fourth year in biochemistry, I had my first major
introduction into medicinal chemistry with the isolation of protein and peptide
hydrolysates to determine their antioxidant activity; at this point I realized
that this was the area of specialization for me.

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of the rigors of graduate study, I have not only completed a total of six (6)
months as an intern Chemist in a pharmaceutical company (listed in my resume),
but I applied my knowledge of peptide hydrolysates isolation and pharmacokinetics
in my final year project in 2017.

project, titled “Determination of the antioxidant activities of protein isolate
and peptide hydrolysates from the seeds of Treculia
africana decne. (african breadfruit)” built my experience in isolation of
peptide hydrolysates and pharmacokinetics and is constantly enlightening me on its
wide range of contribution in human health, through which I have obtained some
much needed perspective on its importance to my professional career in the
design, synthesis, analysis and pharmacokinetics of bioactive peptides as potential
drug carriers.


interest in the University of British Columbia arises from its
interdisciplinary nature, faculty, vast research and career opportunities which
I find exceptionally impressive. I have been able to research various ongoing
thesis which were submitted and amongst a number of them, the thesis submitted
by Dr. Wehbe, Mohamed and Dr. Mehrdad Bokharaei on “copper-based therapeutics:
creating a formulation platform to facilitate development of an emerging drug
class” and “design and optimization of a microfluidic system for the production
of protein drug loadable and magnetically targetable biodegradable microspheres”
respectively, are similar to my work of interest here at UBC. In particular,
the thesis submitted by Yucheng Zhao in Pharmacokinetics, “Bio distribution and
Intratumoral Distribution of celludo nanoparticles”, supervised by Dr. Shyh-Dar
Li complements my interest in pharmacokinetics and bio distribution. I would be
more than honored to earn a spot on his research team which will contribute to
making my experience at UBC a challenging and enjoyable one. In the future, I
envision myself playing a prominent role in the provision of bioactive peptides
as potential drug carriers in therapeutic medicine either, locally or internationally.
And I believe that my admission to the University of British Columbia is
critical to making this vision a reality.






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