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“In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm? in the real world, all rests on perseverance.” I strongly believe that, if education right from the grass root level suits the inclinations and capabilities of a student, many would evolve as active members of the society. Right from my childhood, playing with radio-controlled toys always amused me. If any of them malfunctioned, I wasn’t successful at all times putting things together and fixing them, nevertheless it was intriguing. Electronics in its applications and technology was always an unanswered question for me. Ever since, the concepts of electronics have not only allured but also motivated me to learn and explore beyond the complexities involved in the architecture.


This search for answers made me passionate about Electronics. I started exploring various facets the field of electronics offers and their application through my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I was introduced to courses like Embedded systems, VLSI, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers. Their applications in common man’s life from using an elevator to a mobile phone made me cognize that they are a culmination of concepts learnt from these courses. I was able to assimilate this knowledge into developing many projects.

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From the very beginning of my college years I have successfully led my team in developing several projects under the guidance of various professors. For instance, I executed the Line Follower project to a success in my freshman year with a minimal knowledge of microprocessors and controllers. I attended many workshops during my sophomore year in various domains of electronics like basic electronics, PCB designing, transformer botix, Digital Image Processing techniques. Exposure to the core of the subject in my junior year and under the guidance of our research and development director DR.B.P.Singh we advanced into designing Sixth Sense wireless Robot. This project is a blend of several integrated technologies such as the Arduino Microcontroller (ATMEGA­328), Wireless RF Communication (~377MHz) and Image Processing (using Matlab). Through practical application of well learnt concepts I developed the necessary skills required to solve plethora of problems in varied settings. I utilized this opportunity to gain experience from working with R persons, an idea of how rewarding and meaningful a career in research could be.


As a part of my senior year project, I developed an “Intelligent mailbox” with my team members and under the guidance of our professors. The developed system aims in automatically identifying the arrival of mail and forward the same to the user and also send an acknowledgment to the courier officials. This is an exclusive project developed using a PIC microcontroller which acts as a medium of communication between the RFID reader and GSM modem. In addition to this, I have also worked on “Heart Rate Monitor” under the guidance of S.Ravi Kumar. This project emphasizes on developing a portable heart rate monitor, where I had an opportunity to learn and design a prototype at minimal cost.  

One of my main fields of interest is “Embedded systems”. There is a lot of exciting research happening in this area and I feel that there will be an internet of embedded systems in the future, future that I want to be a part of. Having been oriented in this direction for a long period of time, I am confident of contributing my might towards the same. I feel that I am thoroughly prepared to undertake further studies in fields related to this.


I did a summer internship at Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. During my tenure I worked with Control and Automation Division in testing the SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply). I learnt various system testing methods to verify the design requirements, functionality and performance. This experience from testing helped me to assist the organization in redesigning the SMPS using efficient design principles. Spending my professional life at Amazon, I have incorporated their core value “Learn and Be Curious”.


It is my strong belief that postgraduate study is essential for acquiring an in depth understanding and insight of the subject. With a Master’s Degree in Canada, I can emphasize on a particular area of my interest with cutting edge technology and versatility in the courses offered by its universities. It is a sure step to a successful career in consideration to the high quality academic programs delivered from the world’s best Universities.


Highly accomplished faculty like Dr. Ramiro Liscano, Dr. Sheldon Williamson and leading research laboratories have motivated me to choose University of Ontario Institute of Technology for my prospective graduate studies. I am sure that an opportunity to study at your university would give me an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved. Also, I believe that I can make significant contribution towards research being undertaken at your university, with the exposure gained from the projects I did as a part of my undergrad coursework. Such a learning atmosphere will help in increasing the spectrum of my knowledge and subsequently realization of my goals. Hence, I look forward to pursue my graduate studies at your University.

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