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Statement of PurposeInternational degree from renowned offshore college, considered benchmark of academic excellence has become imperative to climb the rungs of professional ladder in India. Hailing from a civilized and learned family, the need to maintain one’s distinctive edge in a stiffly competitive market had descended on me pretty early. This thought process is the prime motivation for me to opt for ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ program from Canada’s top Humber College.  My affinity for economics and business studies dates back to the time when I had been studying ‘Commerce’ in Intermediate. ‘Bachelor in Law’, the five year undergraduate course blending knowledge of Arts and Legal systems, exposed me comprehensively to subjects like alternative dispute resolution, labour laws, human rights, international law and management, political science, sociology, human psychology, and others. My English proficiency has been affirmed by IELTS score of 7 bands with 6 in writing, 6.5 in reading, 7.5 in speaking and 8 in listening respectively. I had represented my school in International Round Square Conference at The Regent’s International school Pattaya, Thailand in 2010 and convened the 1st National moot court competition organized by University School of Law, Rayat and Bahra University in March, 2015. I had interned in Nabha Civil Court under Advocate Gian Singh Mungo who is the President of Nabha Bar Association for 4 months (Jul-Oct’16) initially and then for 3 months (Jan-Mar’17). These stints filled me with needful confidence, insights, effective communication skills and strategic foresight needed to reliantly tackle critical legal situations. My organization, leadership and co-ordination skills shone forth during convening of South Asia and Gulf Region, Round Square Conference in my school. Further, I have experienced various global cultures and international perspectives from close quarters during my trip to Thailand.  The inspiration to opt for ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ course in Humber College springs from my career objective of becoming a top notch corporate lawyer in India. India’s corporate diversity is vivid but the academic framework lacks any specific course related to dispute resolution mechanisms pertaining to arbitration, negotiation and mediation. The under-graduation exposure to this course is deemed insufficient by me and driven by the desire to gain profound understanding through participative and experiential learning; I have opted for this course. Canada’s academic framework is robust and globally acclaimed. Medium of instruction is English, course fee is reasonable, and climate is balmy to which I can acclimatize easily. Further, only Humber College offers specialization in this course in entire Canada. The course content is not alien to me as topics like ADR mechanism, alternative means of settlement of disputes including negotiation and mediation, administrative tribunals, advocacy skills, ethical issues, labour and familial laws were taught sparingly during my BA LLB years. Punjab prides itself for being the richest Indian state in terms of highest per capita income per head.  My parents have steady source of income from farming and they own substantial amounts of land. Annual income from cultivation is to the tune of INR 2.25 million. My academic trip would be funded by my parents. Further, my tuition and health insurance fees have been paid at the behest of Humber College. I am opening a blocked account in Scotia Bank for depositing $10,000 to see me through my stay.      Humber offers mandatory 160 hours internship placement during 2nd semester to understand the intricacies of the subject from legal system’s viewpoint. For this, I would need Canadian Co-Op work permit along with study permit. Upon course completion, I plan to return back to India to seek gainful employment as Dispute resolution officer/ labour organizer/ conciliator with a renowned legal firm. Once my experience would grow, I plan to hatch my own independent ADR consultancy, which is scarce in my state.      

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