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of Purpose

After three and half
years of undergraduate study in Civil Engineering, I feel completely satisfied
with my decision to choose engineering as my career option as it has revealed
the most pragmatic and down-to-earth approach to tackling human problems to me.
My enthusiasm coupled with scope for innovations and opportunities available in
the field of Civil Engineering has motivated me to opt for higher studies and
contribute to the field through meaningful research. I sincerely believe that
pursuing post-graduation at your esteemed university at this juncture of my
career will be an ideal step in this direction.

As an engineer, I have
the responsibility to think about the future of transportation due to the
increase in population resulting in drastic increment of vehicles on roads.
Transportation engineering is the center part of this type. I would like to improve
my knowledge in this field to improve the conditions of existing roads, constructing
roads with different, economical, pollution free, sustainable and affordable
materials. There is a lot of scope in research area towards flexible and rigid

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I have relished every
engineering course in my undergraduate degree with the same enthusiasm. My
passion for transportation engineering started in my pavement material and
design class, and was in this class that I decided to specialize in
transportation engineering. By the end of my junior year, I came to realize
that there is a sense of dissatisfaction remaining inside me because of the
limitations of the undergraduate curriculum to fundamental concepts and my
craving was to go deeper in the subject area. My mission is to learn the
in-depth and valuable knowledge of transportation engineering in a
well-directed approach and to go beyond these restraints to perform research on
an intricate area in transportation engineering. So, I have decided to earn a
master’s degree. Acquiring knowledge in advanced transportation concepts and
all the aforementioned current research areas would assist me in designing the
future projects. Eventually, these small steps will allow me to achieve my
intensified goal.

I want to be a future leading engineer, I consider each and every course I
enroll in to be very prestigious and try to understand every concept to the
deepest extent. I also know that my design abilities and knowledge would
influence many people’s lives in the future. At a particular point in my
career, I want to turn into an entrepreneur to achieve my goal of designing
economical roads and sustainable projects at a bigger scale in this world. To achieve
this goal, I want to establish a firm that succeeds in building
multi-disciplinary projects.


My undergraduate
curriculum has enabled me to clear my fundamentals; and now I feel the need to
pursue refinement of the attained knowledge through a Master’s course at your
prestigious University. The fast emerging global scenario in the field of
Civil Engineering, and moreover the quality of education and exposure to
plethora of research work in USA supplemented by my own interest, has helped me
to fortify my decision to pursue graduate studies in U.S.A.


I am applying for XXX
University because of the excellent reputation of your school. In addition,
your splendid facilities are also a major attraction to me. In my experience as
a student, I know for certain that good facilities can make a difference in a student’s
life and learning experience. I hope you will grant me the privilege of
pursuing my Master’s Degree in your prestigious University. I look forward to a
long and fruitful association with XXX University.

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