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State governments get a significant amount of assistance from the federal government in the form of federal grants in aid. The top four things that federal funding contribute mostly to is; state budgets, public welfare, education, and roads. They have gathered data to show just how much of each state’s budget is tied to federal aid throughout major areas in the world. Louisiana and Mississippi are said to be at the top of list in federal aid year-round. Than you have New Mexico, Montana, Arizona, Kentucky and Oregon whose budgets are most dependent on the federal. Federal funding is most popular for public welfare typically from Medicaid, Child services, Food Stamps and all other low-income programs. Ohio has the highest federal share, public welfare spending and public welfare federal revenues. Education is very high on the ladder for federal funding. From National Lunch Program, Head start, to Language assistance. Wyoming has the highest share followed by South Dakota, Georgia and Florida. $41.6 billion dollars in highway safety and in the roadway infrastructure. The funding for the roads is coming from the Federal Highway Trust Fund. ( Categorical Block: 90% of all Federal funding is in the form of categorical grants. They have very strict federal control that everything has to be decided by congress. And the usage of their funds is monitored by the federal government. For states to be able to be eligible for such particular grants, states have to put up some of their own money in form of matching funds. It is illustrated in my article because categorical block is a form of federal funding that most states favor. It’s said that this particular grant is only meant to be spent for narrowly defined purposes like education or road developments like stated in the article. Also stated in the article just beneath the main header it says “here’s a state by state look at how welfare, education, and roads could be impacted by the next budget trump signs”. (Categorical grants) To conclude, the issue of the article is how much each state is relying on federal funding. It’s influencing because without federal funding we wouldn’t have roads to drive on or a way of education. It’s informing because the article shows statistics on each state federal share, federal revenue and the spending for each topic. Lastly, the issue in my opinion is whether or not trump signing this 2018 bill is going to be a good thing or bad thing for federal funding or for us in general.  

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