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ST. LOUIS, (PR) .- Chuck Berry, which is often
called Mr. Rock and Roll found
died by St. Chalres in St. George’s
Louis, Missouri, Saturday March 18, 2017 time
local. Chuck Berry died at the age of 90
Upload on Facebook belongs to the police account
St. Charles said the officer responded
emergency medical calls from a home
around 12:40 pm on Saturday and
found an old man already
not lifeless.
“Unfortunately, the 90-year-old man was not
saved and declared dead
at 13:26. With grief
depth, St. Charles
confirms the call of Charles Edward
Anderson Berry Sr. or commonly known
as the legendary musician Chuck Berry, “said
police through such uploads
reported CNN.
Chuck Berry is widely known by recording
songs like “Johhny B. Goode” and “Sweet
Little Sixteen “which kemdian become standard
for the songs of a number of bands and seeds-
seed guitarist that carries rock and roll.
Keith Richard from the Rolling Stones is wrong
one musician who idolized Chuck Berry.
Carl Wilson of Beach Boys even
imitate it. Even John Lennon
lauded him by saying, “If you are
trying to give another term for rock
and roll, you might call it by
name ‘Chuck Berry’. ”
“The highest prize winner of rock and
roll. “Such is the flattery pronounced
in a biography in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
No surprise if Chuck Berry becomes
one of the few figures that entered Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.
Because of his incredible musical vision,
in the movie “Back to the Future” (1985)
parodied that Chuck Berry
got musical inspiration from the future
through the appearance of Marty McFly (Michael J
Fox) at the annual high school party.
Chuck Berry announced, in October
then on his 90th birthday, that he is
releasing new album. Album entitled
“Chuck” circulated in 2017 and became
his first album in 38 years.
He was among the mountain of awards
he achieved, some of the most prominent
is a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
1984, Kennedy Center Honors
2000, and Sweden’s prestigious Polar Music
Prize in 2014.
Chuck Berry’s music was far away.
Hitsnya song in 1958, “Johhny B. Goode”
being the only rock and roll song ever
inserted in the “Golden Record”
brought Voyager aircraft into space
year 1977.
In an interview with ABC News
several years ago, Chuck Berry was asked
choose one song he creates the most he has
like but Chuck Berry can not
“Every song is the best of me,
so do my children, “he said.

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