Sport” about how to accept our failure and

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Sport” sport” comes from the old French meaning ” leisure”. American English uses the term ”sports” to refer to this general type of recreational activity, where other religion dialects use the singular ”sports”INTRODUCTION A healthy nation is always a wealthy nation. Therefore, it is necessary to put emphasis on sports.Sports play a vital role in modern society. It is an integral part of life essential for the physical people socially interact. sports and  leisure activities are an integral part of social life. Human  body  is most perfect structure in this world. How to keep a body in perfect shape, strong mind , which can developed  by playing different type of indoor and outdoor sports and exercises. Sports  helps to develop physical skills, positive mind approach and create good and healthy atmosphere to our society.Playing  sports to help and teach you how to interact with other sports man and  how to work and play as a team. Its also learn about how to accept our failure and  success. This learning can create a better mind development. Sports also gives to help and improve the confidence level and learn how to fights with different challenges.Generally sports has been numerous benefits which includes: connect the people of different culture, improving on health and fitness,  creating opportunities for employments and businesses.NECESSITY OF SPORTS• Sports are the sources of recreation. They provide relief and mental relaxation.• It is very essential to maintain health and physical fitness.• It encourages the growth of team-spirit.• Sports can gives you various types of diversions.• It increase the confidence level.Sports in Pakistan.If we go back in 19th century we find just few game play in sub continant, like kabadi, wrestling, horse cart and bull cart races etc. these game are local games and so many facilities provide for them. Mostly these game were play on ground in their negihbourhood.After so many year british introduced new game like, cricket, tennis , squash and other game but they play just british only. After independence there were lots of game play in Pakistan and many sports building were built for indoor games and ground were build for the outdoor games.But now days Pakistan is a developed country and its population is increase day by day, but lack of sports facilities youth can involve different type of activities, and talent does not promote in national and international level.All the developed countries are spending large amount of money on sports filed and promote their sport in international level. Unfortunately Pakistan  doses not have enough facilities to promote their sports.Focus of the topicThe focus of the topic is to provide good indoor and outdoor  sports facilities on club level. And give awareness to young generation for the sports. It  helps them to increase their sports talent and have better result on higher level which will benefits the country as well as sports and encourage other participate.JUSTIFICATION• Lake of sports facilities in Karachi and to promote the sports in upcoming developing societies, and to connect the people with each other through leisure activity , to provide a sport complex .• To involve youth in right activity.• To create a good and healthy environment for the upcoming developing socities.Scope of the study• to promote the sports in young generation.• To provide the better facilities for the socity.• To create a social interaction .EXPECTED RESULT• Its is positive contribution to the society.• Encourage the team sprit• Create a social interaction.• Promote new talent.• Healthy competitivenessSports is the need of every human being , but lake of good sports facilities its is the need of every upcoming developing society to have an good and standardizes sport complex for the benefits of sports and the sportsmen

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