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       Spiders Are Helpful!Spiders may be annoying but if you think about it they help A LOT. In this article i will be talking about how without them we would be crying for LIFE! Spiders eat pests, If you ever see a spider web, it probably won’t just be the spider… There might be a pretty nice but nasty surprise. They ate that stupid fly you hated. On https://www.bayeradvanced.com it says “Spiders feed on common indoor pests, such as roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies and more…”. If your house is infested with for example: Flies, the spiders will destroy them so don’t go ahead and kill the spiders. Also, on Metro.co.uk it says, “Their diet consists of common insect pests you find indoors, like roaches, earwigs, flies, moths and pesky mosquitoes. Spiders – they’re on our side”.They help us keep our homes! Spiders only purposely attack Arthropods and Species like that. So that’s an advantage to keep them Let’s say that one day you are low on budget and you find out that there are THOUSANDS of little moths or flies and you need an exterminator. Most exterminators cost about 500-1000 Dollars to hire So that’s an advantage to keep them. “Arachnophobia” is a fear of the insect “Phylum: Arthropoda”. This fear of spiders can cause us to be afraid of our homes and have “Scotophobia”, a fear of dark places; in conclusion, Corners. Which spiders like to stay in those dark places like shade. Even though they do this other insects do to. Then bam the spiders eat all of them.if some people have this fear, spiders aren’t that bad. Just don’t hurt them and see Therapist or whatever people go to do these days!They are Friendly. Spiders only attack insects on purpose because that’s their food chain. They only attack human beings because they are frightened or feel as if we are hostile. If you looked at a spider food chain diagram you would NOT find a Human in it. It would make more sense if a human has a spider in its food chain. Another Reason is, Spiders can also be pets. Like Wolf spiders and Tarantulas so they’re fine. Also, Tarantulas are a popular pet now and are easy to take care of.Alright some people may say “Well Spiders still kill people though!” Or “Spider Lay Eggs! And makes more Spiders!”Well 1, that’s actually wrong, Not all spiders even attack! On https://www.everydayhealth.com/healthy-living/0627/should-you-be-afraid-of-spiders.aspx it’s says, “…only black widow and brown recluse spiders can harm humans”. So You that’s only like 2 species that do! And 2,Well some spiders actually die after giving birth so they are sad too.Me, Personally think that spider aren’t that bad but one thing out of topic is… STINK BUGS ARE WAY WORSE!And those were my three reasons why spiders are helpful not harmful. Why do you think that spider eat pests, Help us keep our homes, And Are friendly?       

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