Source with rather than the punishments themselves. Overall,

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Source B is a photograph of the stocks in
Chapel-en-le-frith, Derbyshire. In the 18th century, stocks were
used as restraining device for both psychical punishments and public humiliation.

() Typically, they were used to punish people that were guilty of petty crimes
and it was common for people to throw rotten fruit and shout at criminals as a
form of punishment. The photograph shows that elements of the 18th
century are still prominent in modern day England and in my opinion, I think
that the photographers aim was to show the contrast between England in the 18th
century in comparison to England now, particularly regarding the justice system.

In the 18th century, the punishment of criminals was publicized and
shown in front of cheering crowds and it was something looked forward to. It
was extremely common for people to find enjoyment in being spectators to
punishments as extreme as executions. However, this photograph doesn’t show the
extreme objects that were used as punishments, it only shows the stocks in
which the worst form of punishment was humiliation. This suggests that the aim
of the source is to simply show the contrasts of how criminals were dealt with
rather than the punishments themselves. Overall, I think that this source is
reliable in showing the way in which punishments of criminals were viewed in the
18th century and how they differ to modern day. However, the photograph
only shows a tame version of punishments used and it fails to show how
criminals were openly executed by being hanged in front of crowds. 

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