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  SOP Knowledge is the fountainhead of creative solutions. Breakthrough results can be achieved by those who are initiated into the use of contemporary tools and latest technological strides in the domains of their interests. As a person, I have always been appalled by the horrific power (electricity) conditions in India. The intense desire to bring about a decisive change in the deplorable situation is the prime motivation for me to pursue an enlightening ‘Electrical & Electronic Engineering program’ at Netherland’s Fontys University.   During my formative years, my academic nurturing took place in some of the best schools in India. This had resulted in shaping of my character in a manner that makes me receptive to new ideas for implementing the same in innovative ways. I have never felt satiated with bookish knowledge and have always explored additional avenues to consolidate my understanding. B K D School had been the venue of my secondary education from where I had completed my matriculation in 2011 with CGPA of 8.0. For pursuing intermediate education in science, I had shifted to Bhavan School. Over here, my teachers had inculcated in me the habit of relying more on practical instincts to arrive at any solution rather than linear theoretical reasoning. Consequently, I used to spend significant time in labs tinkering with various tools available at my disposal. This trait is still unaltered in me and I wish to take part in cutting-edge research under the tutelage of eminent professors at Fontys. In 2014, I had completed by senior secondary education with 88% marks. After cracking the tough engineering entrance examination, I could secure admission in (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) at the reputed VIT University at Vellore. The under-graduation stint from 2014-2017 had been a phase where my academic aspect flourished optimally through proper skill nurturing by my professors. There were ample opportunities to take part in projects that would test the profundity of knowledge of the learners. I am mentioning some of the projects that had instilled faith in my innovative capabilities and have motivated me to take my learning to the next level with specialized Masters from Fontys. The ‘Plant Automation Project’ saw me developing a power plant prototype wherein Arduino Uno, Pir sensor, Gas sensor, and Infrared Sensor were optimally coordinated for reduction in power generation costs. The ‘Light Following Robot’ was a trailblazing project wherein the bot was programmed to follow the direction of bot with LDR. No micro controller chips were used in the project. The same bot was later programmed to follow a black line strip through use of an IR sensor and Arduino Uno.  While working on ‘Digital Code Lock’ project, we developed an insuperable password of four digits which offered exceptional safety. Another challenging project was the development of ‘Automatic Evening Lamp’ wherein the lamp would sense the ambient light for determining day or night and the inherent circuit would accordingly trigger it on or off. I had also developed the prototype of TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infortronics using IoT for home appliances by using various sensors.  For internship, I had chosen the IFFCO plant at Phulpur in Allahabad. The period spanned from 1st June’16 to 28th June’16 and my assignment was to reduce vulnerability to faults while installing new gas turbine. I could glean valuable insights while working under the guidance of head of sub-departments in the plant. Extensive analysis was undertaken to isolate fault generating parameters while the processes needed for installation of Gas Turbine are executed. My efforts were profusely praised both by my industry guide as well as university professors. On the technical front, I have developed my proficiencies in Matlab Simulink, C programming, Xilinx Simulink, Visual Spice (Circuit Simulink), Arduino Uno, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom.  All the aforesaid experiences have convinced me that dedicated long term research is needed for developing epoch making power generation technologies that would drastically reduce distribution and usage costs. With this aim in perspective, I am applying for MS in Fontys to take my knowledge to the next level with specialized cultivation of advanced skills in electrical and electronics domains. At Fontys, I would come across state of the art pedagogic infrastructure and modernized labs equipped with contemporary tools. I can engage in qualitative research under the tutelage of erudite professors who pride themselves of exalted academic backgrounds. There is also the opportunity to intern at leading global companies that are changing the face of the earth with newer technologies.     I would seek to fund the course through scholarships.  After completion of the course, I intend to join the ranks of top notch Power Company where I can carry out further research with authority and autonomy. My passion for transforming the pathetic scenario of power in Indian landscape would certainly allow me to succeed in my aims.     

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