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energy is a kind of technology where energy Is collected from sunlight to make
it usable for many purpose. Generally photovoltaic cells or solar panels are
used to generate solar power. When sunlight heats the cells according to
photoelectric effect discovered by Einstein, cells produce free electron and
they flow through the cells and produce electricity. There is another type of
solar power generation. That is solar thermal power plant, where solar energy
is concentrated and reflection of concentrated sunlight produce heat. By that
heat, water is boiled and drive steam turbine that produce electricity.

all know that, sun is an eternal source of energy, so do sunlight. For being
perfectly renewable, development of solar energy and this technology is getting
developed day by day. Though initiation of using solar power is very ancient
but modern solar system was first initiated in 1767 when world’s 1st
solar collector was invented. After that many scientists worked to develop this
technology. Invention of photoelectric effect by Einstein was another
significant step in this continuity. Gradually efficiency of photovoltaic cells
increased. In 2000, international space station started to use solar power
where each wing was consist of 32,800 solar cells. And development of solar technology
is still going on as it is the most efficient renewable source of energy.

impact of solar technology development is very important. Overall pollution
happen in this way is very light .solar power plant require a larger area of
land to produce the same amount of power than other power sources. This
degradation of land can also generate habitat loss. Another environmental issue
is the use of water in this technology. Though photovoltaic cell doesn’t
require water to generate electricity but concentrating solar thermal plants
require a large amount of water for cooling of the system. In the manufacturing
process of photovoltaic cells various kind of hazardous materials are used. Various
hazardous chemical such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acids are
used to clean the surface of the silicon semiconductor used to make
photovoltaic cells. Even silicon semiconductor used in order to create PV cells
are more toxic than others. If these are not maintained properly they can pose a
serious environmental or public health threat. Even workers face risks for
hazardous silicon dust. Almost every power generation facilities are
responsible for global warming of the world. Manufacturing of solar power
technologies also produce a little amount of carbon-di-oxide which generate
global warming but it is far less than natural gas or other source of energy. So,
it can be said that, technology of solar power generate some kind of pollution
but these are far less than the pollution generated by other source of energy
and this is the most environment friendly power source in the world.

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to other source of power solar energy is more environment friendly, sunlight is
free but other source such as nuclear energy, coal, natural gas aren’t free at
all so cost of solar energy is very low than others. Coal, natural gas etc has
a limited source. Though they are renewable but not perfectly and efficiently
as sunlight. People of rural area where electricity hasn’t reached can use
solar energy to fulfill the necessity of energy. Specially people of montane
area uses solar energy while no electricity has reached there.

uses of solar energy is being increased day by day. Though amount of power
isn’t very high but in household purpose and light purpose uses of solar energy
is increasing continuously. The future of solar energy is very bright. If we
use solar panel on our rooftop or sunlight reachable place we will need no
non-renewable energy to fulfill our necessity. The higher the use of solar
energy , lower the pollution of environment and global warming.


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