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Sociology is the youngest of social sciences. Sociology can be defined in many ways, there are as many definition of sociology as there are sociologist.  August Comte, the father of sociology first came up with the word sociology in the 1800’s. He defined sociology as the science of human association or the study of gregarious life. Today we know sociology as the study of human social relationships and institution. There are three main concepts that I would like to describe. They are culture, social interaction and gender.Sociologist define society as the people who interact in such a ways as to share a common culture. The cultural bond may be ethnic or racial, based on gender, or due to shared beliefs, values, and activities (clifnotes). Culture means that a member of a particular group or society share the same beliefs, behaviors, object and other common characteristics. Today most of us live in a different environment and society that we were first born into. For example I know many Persian/Iranians that were born in Iran but moved to US very young. They don’t know how to speak Farsi nor do they know about any Persian culture. I for example moved to US with my family when I was 13. It was a huge cultural shock. I didn’t know how to speak English and in the beginning it was very hard to get used to American culture. I remember wanting to act the same way as my new friends. I would even copy their outfits and tried my best to fit in. My parents move to US because they wanted me and my brother to grow up in a better culture with more opportunities to build a great future. Iran’s culture, women are mostly housewives and don’t work outside of home. But here in US I got my first job when I was 16 and been working ever since then. My mom found a job as well. It is almost like a shame when women work outside of home in Iran. But it is completely ok and it’s a part of American culture that everyone including women work and have income.Social interaction is the foundation of society. It is an exchange between two or more individuals and is a building block of society (lumen). Social interaction means  the different ways people act with each other and react to how other people are acting (open.lib). In my opinion technology has changed the way people interact with each other. Social media applications such as snapchat, instagram and facebook have made it easier for us to keep connections and socialize with one another and it is now a part of our culture, however there are both negative and positive effects on social interactions through social media For example one of the positive effects that has in my life is that I am able to text my best friend everyday about how her day is going or what she is up to. We also interact with each other through snapchat and instagram. Even though we live in different states we do our best to keep in touch. For some people including myself, social media is the only way to interact with friends and family who live far. There are also many negative sides of using social media to interact with others. many people choose social media as their primary way to interact with others. Using social media as the only way to socialize not only is bad for socializing skills, it is also bad for our health. On daily basis we see people who are constantly on their phone, taking or posting picture and constantly texting or playing games. In my opinion people who primary use social media to socialize  forget or don’t know how to act when they have to interact with someone face to face. I personally know a girl who has thousands of followers on instagram and snapchat and she is constantly on her phone snapchatting or posting pictures. When we hang out she cannot stay off her phone for even 5 minutes. She doesn’t know how to talk or make conversations with people face to face. She lacks communications skills it makes it difficult for people to connect with her. As human it is important to connect with other physically and emotionally. Without social interactions humans cannot exist, so in this generation it is important to keep the balance of socializing through media and face to face together.In sociology there is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is biological and refers to physical or physiological difference between men and women. Gender is something that societies use to identify people being either masculine or feminine. When a baby girl is born with female genitalia, she will be identified as female. Since sex is biological and physical it will not vary between different societies. For example people with female sex, will eventually menstruate and grow breast regardless of where of their culture. But with gender on the other hand it may vary between societies. For example in our culture, to wear a dress is considered feminine (female gender) but in some other cultures like African, dresses and skirts can be masculine. This brings us to gender role. Gender role in society means how we are expected to act and dress based on our assigned sex. For example girls and women are mostly expected to dress feminine and be nurturing and men are expected to be strong and bold (lecture). Our culture also expects for women and man to have a certain type of body. Preferably women should be skinny with large breasts and butt, and men be tall and muscular. I don’t agree with this because as i personally like to workout and gain muscle strength, meaning i will have to eat more and weight train. Over the years i have gain muscles on my arms,legs etc. About a year ago i was the heaviest i have ever been and it was all due to heavy lifting and gaining muscle mass. I looked pretty muscular and had great strength. I was very happy the way i looked and felt, but the sad part was that i being judged by people because of the way i looked. I would see people staring at me while i was training at the gym, specially by other girls. At first i was bummed and didnt know what to do. I didn’t wanted to be judged but i also wanted to keep my physic that i worked so hard for. I decided to continue doing the things that truly made me feel good and happy. I will never stop training and will never let other people’s opinion effect on the way i choose to live. In my opinion Our society expect a different physical look for both men and women and if someone looks or act differently than they are criticise.Sociology is the study of everyday life. Humans interact with one another, share ideas, emotions and institutions regardless of where they’re from in this world and culture. Culture, social interactions and gender play a major role in our daily life. While writing my paper i have learned how society has a big impact in my life and people around me. We see society through our attitudes and behaviors. Using sociological imagination helps us to understand our social life and how much of an impact it has on the people’s attitude towards one another. Writing this paper also made me realise how some issues in our society has affected me in my personal life.

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