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Social trends Paper Richard V. Robinett University of Phoenix Soc/105 This is a paper on the exploration of social trends in popular American culture. In this writing, I will examine social trends of the past and where they are heading into the future. So many different trends are present in today’s society and are constantly evolving and changing rapidly, where as just a few years ago they were somewhat stagnant and were and very limited on how people communicated.

There was of course hand written letters or the common connection of the telephone. Today those are still present but, not as frequently used in the world and communication has completely changed and improved by many different means. The biggest is the computer and all the ways it can be used for networking via email or various social networks like Face book, Twitter and countless others. People can have business meetings or personal discussions by using the vehicle of the internet without ever having to face each other in person.

The ease of convienece saves both time and money in this face paced world, which is on everyone’s list of importance especially during the rough economic times we are now facing in the country today. People are able to reconnect with friends or family members they have not spoken with in years and purchase items from all around the world from the ease of their home or office. This change has caused a spiraling of outdated or antiquated tools from the past such as the telephone book or the news paper, even catalogues and door to door sales is on the decline.

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The trend seems to be continuing down this path and will probably never look back and be constantly move forward and leaving many of our older Americans in the dark if they do not keep up with the computer age that both us and our children are now in the middle of. Social networking will clearly be a major player in the world of communication for a long time to come and those who do not hop on board will be left in the dust and ruble from the past.

In conclusion of this writing this past and the present social trends were explored and only briefly touched on. The social trends of popular culture here in America and around the world will continue to be an ever changing thing that can be further examined and learned about by generations of people to come. References; http://www. oppapers. com/essays/Trends-In-Popular-American-Culture/278524? topic Trends in Popular American Culture Paper Kimberly Sandford (2010)

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