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marketing is the use of digital technologies to communicate with potential and
existing customers. Not only does digital marketing let people know that the
business exists, but also provide ways in which the business can be contacted
easily and their products

There are a
number of tools available for digital marketing. These are:

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Social Media types:

Social media sites enables members to
keep in contact and, in doing so, share details of their lives. Social media is
used to market products, promote brands, and connect to current customers and
foster new business.

An example of social media type is
publishing. Not only can blogging sites and wikis publish the written word,
they can also be used to publish artwork, photography and music.  As
sources of ready-made communities of likeminded people, these sites provide
marketing managers with a clear opportunity to contact possible customers.



Emails are electronic messages
delivered to electronic devices ranging from computers to smartphones. The
basic message may be in the form of a text but other digital contents, such as
images, may be included with the email. Links to the company website, Facebook
account or Instagram account may also be included in the body of the

When emails are used as part of a
digital marketing campaign, can be used in many ways, both internally and
externally. Within the business, sales sheets may be sent to members of the
company’s workforce. Externally however, customers can be sent links to online


Landing page optimisation

There are five main techniques of
landing page optimisation. Three of which are based on targeting the audience,
using data, usually provided either directly or indirectly by the visitor to
the site, to modify the content of the page to draw the visitor in. 

The three types of landing page optimisation are:

Associative content targeting: the content of this is influenced by
data associated with the general profile of the visitor. E.g. geographical data
about the visitor can be used to provide information about special offers that
are limited to the geographical area where the visitor is based. 

Predictive content targeting: this method is used on information
that is already held about the visitor, usually from previous sales. This
information may be held as cookies on the user’s own machine, or as a profile
that has been uploaded once the user logged on. 

Consumer directed targeting: content of this is based on general
data such as reviews from customers and others. Where reviews suggest that an
element will be added, hopefully carrying out the task more effectively. 

The other two methods of landing page
optimisation are based on experimentation and use a constantly changing set of
elements to measure users’ opinions.

They are:

Closed end experimentation: users are given a range of options
from which they can select their favourite.

Open ended experimentation: in this method, a final version is not
settled on.




Banner and popups/unders

Web banners are advertisements on web
pages.  The owner of the web page will
usually be paid a small fee for each person that clicks on that web

Popups and popunders are also proposed
to appeal. They are new windows that open on the user’s device, either on top
of the main page (popups) or under it (popunders) with the trigger generally
being JavaScript code that is embedded on the website.   


engine optimisation (SEO)


































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