Social bank operations and most of the

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Social Cultural

The social, cultural
factors affect the scheme, especially in the banking sector. It will help to
determine the attitude of various markets products and foreign services. Social
factors do involve

§  The
growth of population

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§  Health

§  Attitudes
and lifestyle changes

§  Social,
press and public attitudes

§  Health,
social mobility, population attitudes

§  Changes
in socio-cultural changes

§  Distribution
of wealth

§  Education

§  New

§  Growing

§  new

§  workforce

§  cultural


Legal Factors

Legal factors leave a
countless impact on the banking industry. The trade structures, securities law,
note regulations and various legal necessities help to confirm the legal
frameworks which are available in the market. For the safe and secure banking
transaction and procedures following are the legal laws which affect the industry.

§  Safety
and health laws

§  Discrimination

§  Employment

§  Antitrust

§  Consumer


Environmental Factors

It is the final and the
last step of the PESTLE analysis which allows dealing
with the environmental platform. To consider the environmental factors and
their impacts on the trading which is sponsored by the banking industry. The
climatic changes affect the bank operations and most of the time proves to be a
hurdle in many cases. The environmental factors include.

§  Natural

§  Usage
Green products

§  Climate
and weather changes

§  Business


Internal Environment
Analysis of JBL

Internal Management

Business is keep running
on a viable platform conducted by other functions such as Business Operations,
IT, R&D, Marketing, HR, Procurement & Logistics, Risk Management,
Compliance, Internal Audit, Financial Administration and so forth. The Board of
Directors, through the Senior Management Team (SMT) and the Audit Committee of
the Board, has conducted an annual review of the effectiveness of our system of
risk management and internal control.

Training and Development

The employee responsibilities,
capabilities and reliability toward the bank give a strong competitive edge. As
the service intensive business, JBL needs a skilled and proper trained team of
human resources to ensure the service excellent.

Risk management:

In perspective of the
worldwide acknowledgment towards need of a viable risk management and control system
in the financial sector, JBL Bank is being cognizant of the importance of the
subject, has prepared and implemented the following policy guidelines on Risk

Ø  Credit
Risk Management

Ø  Asset
Liability Management

Ø  Internal
Control and Compliance Risk Management

Ø  Foreign
Exchange Risk Management

Ø  Anti-Money
Laundering Risk Management

IT Risk Management

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