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This paper discusses a number of social and political issues. First, it discusses about the actual rulers of the United States of America. Second, it discusses about problems affecting the family and how the society can help solve those problems. Lastly, the paper examines the relevance of religion in a culture.

Part one: Ruler of the United States of America

The politics of 12st century in the United States of America is quite different. This is because it no longer centers on leadership but on the pursuit of private interests. The rulers of the United States of America are the multibillion dollar corporations and the wealthy individuals. The wealthy Americans who own means of production have very significant influence in the United States of America.

It is important to point out that the corporations and the wealthy individuals have business interests both locally and internationally. Due to this, their primary interest is to protect their local and international investments. This can only be done effectively when they have significant say on the way United States is being ruled. The corporations and the wealthy have powerful influence on both domestic and foreign policies, especially those with economic implications.

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The men and women in the United States’ political scene are both owners of businesses and investments. They are also representatives of major corporations with significant influence on national and foreign policies.

Vividly, these corporations and wealthy Americans are the ones controlling the nation’s economy; they are to be found in the real estate industry, agricultural and financial industries. These are key industries in the development of the nations.

Therefore, they will do everything possible to ensure they influence the way policies are formulated and implemented both domestically and internationally. Besides, the wealthy, corporate organizations and the military personnel also have significant control over the nation’s rule.

The military has been used by the corporations and the wealthy individuals to protect the interests of the nation, which are actually the interests of the corporations and the wealthy. The military is therefore rewarded by being allowed to have some influence on the rule of the United States, especially when it comes to implementation of foreign policies with respect to national and international security.

Part two: What the society should be doing to help the family

One of the major problems facing the families today is that of divorce. Divorce in the American society is rising at an alarming rate. The consequence of this has been the broken families. Many children are being brought up in dysfunctional families; this is quite detrimental to the society at large since families are the primary units of the entire society.

Moreover, with the growing information technology, information has become so easy to obtain that the contents of information are not being appropriately regulated to ensure only target recipients are reached. This has led to the problem of pornography in families. Children can now access pornographic materials. This has contributed to moral and ethical decadence not only within the family, but also within the society at large.

The federal government should take an initiative to reduce the rate of divorce. This should be made a national goal and every citizen be sensitized on the importance of maintaining marital sanity within the family units.

The non-governmental organizations, in collaboration with the government, should also play an important role in finding out the real courses of divorce and hence recommend and encourage the citizens on the dangers of divorce on individual selves and the children.

Besides, even though there is freedom of worship within the entire American society, it is important that Christians and Muslims take a lead in teaching the public on the importance of having a unity family where children grow up with both parents, unless either of them dies.

The marriage principles of both religious groups promote a harmonious family environment. In relation to pornography, both the federal government and the parents should be obliged to ensure children and underage individuals do not access pornographic materials. The government should play the part of coming up with legislations prohibiting use of pornographic materials in public places.

The legislations should also restrict the availability of pornographic materials in certain websites. Parents’ role is to openly talk to their children about the dangers of accessing the pornographic materials and the moral implications such materials have on them.

Part three: relevance of religion to a culture

Religion is good for a culture. At individual level, everyone has some spiritual need that needs to be satisfied. In this case, it is important for the social cultures to tolerate religion irrespective of the kind of religion one subscribes to.

Moreover, religion has played a major role in creating harmony in the society. For instance, the Christian belief on forgiveness and good neighborliness has served to promote good morals amongst the members of many cultures.

In other words, religion creates a sense of togetherness and belonging amongst a group of individual subscribing to particular religious beliefs. The fact is that culture defines what a society is, but it does not tell where life originates from. This is where religion comes in to bridge the gap. Culture may explain what kind of society there is; however, religion plays a major role in helping the societal members to reflect on the beginning of life and existence.


The big corporations, the wealthy and also the military are the ones ruling the United States of America. Also, families have problems related to divorce and pornography. The government and parents should be concerned. Religion also is important to cultures for various reasons.

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