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So, how to design a logo?

1.      Get Inspired

2.      Learn anything and everything you can about

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3.      Develop your own creative process.

1.       Design Brief: To collect information from the

2.      Research: Learning more about the industry
and the client’s history.

3.      Reference: checking out design for client

4.       Conceptualization: sketching and developing
the logo.

5.      Reflection: Letting the idea mature.

6.      Presentation: Choosing a couple of designs
to show the client.


The five principles of effective logo design:

 A good logo is:

1.      Simple – Memorable – Timeless – Versatile –


Elements of Design:

Color – Line – Mass – Space – Movement – Texture – Type – Value

Principles of Design:

Balance – contrast – Direction – Economy – Emphasis – Proposition –
Unity – Rhythm.

Basic color schemes:

With color, you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement.

The difference between warm and cool colors:

Warm colors are vivid and energetic and tend to advance in space.
Whereas cool colors give an impression of calmness and create a soothing

The difference among Tints, shades, tones:

Tints is adding white to a pure hue.

Shades is adding black to a pure hue.

Tones is adding gray to a pure gray.

What is the color wheel? It is a tool for combing
colors and choosing one.

Color Types:

1.      Primary colors: red, blue, yellow.

2.      Secondary colors: Green, Orange, and

3.      Tertiary colors are created by mixing
primary and secondary colors.

There are six basic techniques for color schemes:

1.      Complementary color schemes.

2.      Analogous color schemes.

3.      Triadic color schemes.

4.      Split-Complementary color schemes.

5.      Rectangle color schemes.

6.      Square color schemes.



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