Sleepless had the feeling I wanted. They

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Sleepless in Seattle
It is difficult to say at times, what exactly makes a movie great. I
have found that the good movies are felt as you are leaving the theater. The
audience should be able to feel and belive, to some degree. When exiting a movie,
I hope that I feel this way. Today, paying large sums of money for each visit to
the theater is tough to keep up. The audience expects an extra special
performance each and every visit. I want to feel good as I leave. This satisfies
my willingness to put out a large expence for this type of entertainment.

When I left “Sleepless in Seattle”, I was in heaven. I had the feeling I
wanted. They movie brought me that “believer” feeling. I feel that the purpose
of this movie was to show the audience that fate is alive and well. I was shown
that there is someone out there for each and every one of us. I went to the
movies with family. This was important. I saw that I had nobody to lean on-but
family. This upset me. The movie showed me that it is not necessary to get
discouraged. Tom Hanks was meant for Meg Ryan. The proved fate. This alone made
me a believer.

I also think that Meg Ryan is adorable. I hope my fate leads to another
Meg Ryan. I don’t think there can be two. I am forced to hope so. The movie
helps me to convince myself. When I convince myself, fate sets itself up. I now
feel that fate is working hard. I hope it is not just hardly working.

I hope to dicover fate soon. Thanks for a great movie-“Sleepless in

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