Skills Degree Program

AS degree in
Computer Information Technology

 Skills you will
learn while attain your AS degree in Computer Information Technology, Microsoft
Office program, it will prepared you for your certification in CompTIA. Network
troubleshoot, basic computer troubleshoot cyber security threats. Work with
user to solve their computer problems.

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Prepare you for CompTIA Certification testing for
CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, and CompTIA Linux+. With your Degree plus
Certification, your world in Information Technology will open doors. And you
will be in high demand.

Develop good IT skills to
deal with every day computer issues, learn how to create newsletter and
spreadsheets troubleshoot Outlook errors. Been able setup wireless router, hot
spot lock down router. Make a safer and security work environment. To
education the end user on correct ways to search the internet,
and not to open attachment’s in email.


Having the capabilities
of being able to build and maintain a small office, home office information
Application analyst, Data analyst, Data scientist, Database administrator,
Information systems manager, IT consultant, IT technical support officer,
System analyst. Qualify for an entry-level career as an IT specialist, network
technician, help desk analyst, support specialist, hands-on-training may also
develop a familiarity with Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems. With the
constant cyber threats on the banking and the government, Information
Technology Computer degree will prepared you for what you will face in the

Value of Degree Program,

A network
administrations specialization is aimed at students who are interested in
computer networks, or centralized online hubs used to link multiple users.
Information systems management is another specialization geared towards
students with leadership potential. With Associate Degree and Certifications
you can aspect salary range from take look at the chart. And the demanded is
only going to grow over the next ten years. With demand for Cloud Computing,
Cyber Security, Mobility+ and CompTIA Server. As demand grows more company will
required a degree in Information Technology and to be have Certifications in
the field of work. Even the healthcare required that technician be certificate,
and need the knowledge of U.S healthcare regulatory requirements. So with your
Associate degree and your certificate, you heading in the right direction, and
if you pressured your Bachelor’s degree in information technology your salary
will be evening higher. So which for the stars, continue to learned and reach
your goal.


annual salary  (0-5 years)

annual salary (10+years

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