Since towards the field that I wanted to

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Since childhood, I have been a keen observer and an
early leaner. My interest to know more has always led
me towards exploring new avenues of learning. My formal education began at a tender age of three
years, and ever since that I have never looked back. I
have been a front line student, always enthusiastic and ever ready with a string of questions.

Ever since I remember, the ability to establish contact and communicate across the globe has
ceased to fascinate me. The technologies that can connect and link people’s lives and works in spite of the  physical  boundaries  and
 has  always  held  in  me  a  strong
 interest  towards  it. 
The instruments called the telephone and the computer were the first to open up my way and interest to the world of Computer Science. Thus, began my journey towards the field that I wanted to learn
more about.

I have been fortunate to have parents who have instilled in me good values and principles. Education was always given the top
priority, over anything else. I had every freedom to pursue the field of my
choice. When my schoolteachers noticed my inclination towards science I was always
encouraged by my family members to participate in
science exhibitions, quizzes and examinations.

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In the 10th grade examinations, I secured (60.66%) percentage, a score good enough to propel me to the
good position o school. From school to college was an easy transition. I enrolled in the Govt  Post
Graduate college Tmergara. In this college, I
was able to build
a sound base for the future studies and this
towards the Computer Science field. Choosing
Computer Science was an obvious choice of my
graduation due to the
fascination that I
had for this subject right from my very early


During the four years of course I studied
subjects as Electronics, Data Structures and
Programming, Computer Fundamentals,
Communication and Networking, Digital Image Processing, Digital Logic
Design,   Operating   Systems,   Analysis   of   Algorithm,   Artificial   Intelligence,   Software   Engineering,
Databases and Computer Graphics etc. which explain the basic fundamental of Computer Science. The knowledge that I have gained from these
subjects will surely help me in future and more so in the
Master’s program.

My final year project “Performance
Comparison of AODV & DSDV Ad-Hoc Network Routing Protocols on the basis of
Packet-loss and Throughput Using NCTUNs- Simulator” was chosen by
keeping in mind the fact the rapid changes occurs in communication technology and security is
concern in communication.

ever I received
firsthand experience from Mazhar Enterprise as network administrator and now I
am assistant IT manager  at Government of
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Oil and Gas Company Limited (KPOGCL) in the capacity of an
assistant IT manager I controlling all the IT related task of Khyber Pakhunkhwa

I have also got Exploration
Management System (EMS) training form LMKR, LMKR is a multinational privately  Petroleum Technology  company with an extensive E&P Software
solutions, worldwide operations, servicing clients which include Fortune 500
companies in over 80 countries. LMKR has a large global footprint with its own
facilities which is supplemented by a network of technology partners and distributors.
I have also got ERP training from Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL)

Besides my academics, I have also been the active participant in the sports events such as Cricket.
I also got some short courses training which
can bring me benefits in my further studies. I have done CCNA,
training. I know how to use network related tools
such as Packet tracer, Wireshark and NMAP.


Now, what I really want to do is go back to college and continue my further studies in
the field of Computer Science. With my hard work and sincerity coupled with my knowledge of the latest and the
most advanced technologies, I would like to make a concrete contribution towards the fascinating field of Computer Science. Hence, getting an opportunity to do my
Masters from your highly regarded and
reputed University would orient me to the very high standards of the Modern Industry.
The journey may be long but I know that getting admissions in
your esteemed university is going
to be the right step for
in achieving my dream. Hard work shall never be a constraint and achieving results will
the prime priority.

So China is been the
best country in my list to get enrolls in master’s degree because of the strong
cordially between Pakistan and China, of which the most prominent examples are Chinese cooperation with Pakistan has reached economic
high points, with substantial Chinese investment in Pakistani infrastructural
expansion including the Pakistani deep-water port at Gwadar china and Pakistan
Economic Corridor (CPEC) both countries have an
ongoing free trade agreements.

The education standard
of China is much better than Pakistan in my view so I will be able to do my
research work with full facilities and with a sophisticated computer
technology. Most importantly weather and culture of china is according to my
demand and my nature. china is one of 
the most successful country in latest computer technology sector
around  the world which will help me to
find best career opportunities in future and this will give me a chance to deepen my skills in my own filed
Computer Science. Furthermore I could improve my educations skill and increase
my confidence.

am applying to full financial support from Chinese Government Scholarship
because of my financial situations. I am fully dependent on the grandeur of the
Scholarship Committee. Keeping in view my strong profile, I am a tough
candidate for the scholarship. I would request the committee to please consider
me as a potential candidate and grant me scholarship to make me able to achieve
my goal of master.

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