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Simple Steps to Buy NEM in IndiaStep 1) Register:  Sign Up with BitBns either via Desktop PC or Moblie App.    Following which enter name, surname and email id for account creation purposes. Step 2) ID Proofs: Next, submit your PAN card, bank account details and Aadhaar card photocopies.(Residents of Assam can upload Driving license photocopy) for initiating background verification process.Step 3) On successful verification of uploaded documents which will take 1 working day’s time, investors will be notified via email.Step 4) Finally investors can Transfer funds to their BitBns account using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS and begin placing their orders!                                       Remember :The name you entered on BitBns will be displayed publicly on the marketplace and cannot be changed subsequently.For security reasons, the password must at least be 8 characters long and consist of numbers, letters and at least one special character.In addition, the password may not be identical to the username or the email address.Some interesting features of NEM :NEM, allows transactions with its currency called XEM. With it, you can also send messages, register domain names, create accounts with several owners or make votes.Undoubtedly one of its most interesting applications is to register smart assets (Smart Assets). These assets are still the traditional titles of property, notarial documents or patents that, when inserted in the NEM platform, can be transferred or registered without the need for third parties such as notaries and property registers.Another difference is that the NEM algorithm is based on POI (Proof of Importance) and not on POW (Proof of work). Unlike Bitcoin, where the power of hardware plays a fundamental role (it takes a huge amount of resources to produce a Bitcoin), NEM uses an algorithm that gives importance to the use we make of the platform. This especially interests the miners (of which we speak in the following section).NEM currently has a capitalization in the cryptocurrency market of more than ?660,791,048,264.65 in India (as of January 20th 2018).BitBnsBitBns allows you to easily buy Bitcoin,NEM and many more cryptocurrencies. This site is reputable and pleasant to use. BitBns has the largest marketplace comprising of Indian investors. BitBns iis focused on innovative and disruptive business models concerning cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. They  have already demonstrated their potential through initial market successes of cryptocurrency flash sale and double offers.The aim of BitBns is to build up a portfolio of investments  which meets the requirements of their investors from the point of view of risk diversification and potential returns.

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