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Should Tobacco Be Made Illegal? One of the worst decisions a person could make would be to use tobacco products.  People do not realize how tobacco products can ruin their lives and make life harder for people around them.  People who use tobacco products know the risks, yet choose to ignore them.  Tobacco should be made illegal because of complications of health, pollution, and financial distress. There are about six hundred chemicals in a cigarette, but when a cigarette is burned, it produces about seven thousand chemicals. These chemicals include carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, cyanide, ammonia, acetone, acetic acid, arsenic, benzene, butane, cadmium, hexamine, lead, methanol, toluene, naphthalene, and nicotine .  Nicotine is the ingredient that makes cigarettes highly addictive by affecting the amount of dopamine that is released in the brain’s reward center .  Even though this increase in dopamine causes pleasure, there needs to be a perfect balance, or one could suffer memory loss and such diseases as Parkinson’s .  Nicotine is even used in insecticides.  An adult who smokes a pack a day, which is usually twenty cigarettes, gets two-hundred doses of nicotine.  This leads to a decreased lifespan of about ten years.  Why would anyone want to ingest chemicals that are known to kill as well as cause disease?The newest tobacco product is the e-cigarette.  This device gives the same amount of nicotine and a lower amount of all the other chemicals, but unlike cigarettes, there are very tiny toxic particles of metal that can be inhaled.  The device delivers the nicotine to the user by converting into a vapor, a liquid mixture of chemicals that are stored in a cartridge.  The user inhales the vapor and gets the effect of inhaling smoke from a cigarette.  When refilling a cartridge, a toxic amount of nicotine could possibly be exposed to the user.  This can be harmful and life threatening because of the extreme increase in dopamine levels that can cause disease and brain damage.  E-cigarettes are just as dangerous as cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco is not safe or smart as an alternative to cigarette and e-cigarette smoking.  There are two types of smokeless tobacco, chew and snuff.  Chewing tobacco can be bought as leaves, rope, or plugs, and is placed in the mouth.  The user sucks or chews the tobacco, and then spits or swallows their saliva.  Snuff is finely ground tobacco that is placed in the mouth or inhaled through the nose.  Moist snuff is sucked on and the saliva is spit out, and dry snuff is inhaled.   Smokeless tobacco can cause oral, esophageal, and pancreatic cancer; tooth loss; gum disease; bone loss around teeth; and oral lesions.  Smokeless tobacco contains twenty-eight chemicals that are known to cause cancer.  A few of the chemicals in smokeless tobacco are:  nitrosamines,  polonium-210 and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (also known as PAHs).  Nitrosamines are potent carcinogens that can cause tumor growth.  The amount of nitrosamines in tobacco determines the risk of getting cancer.  Polonium-210 is a radioactive element found in tobacco fertilizer.  PAHs, is a mixture of one hundred chemicals that is used in asphalt, pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides.  Why would anyone want to suck on a radioactive element or chew on something that is found in roads?  Not only is smokeless tobacco nasty when the user is spitting on the ground or in bottle, it is  deadly and face-altering. Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco are not the only types of deadly tobacco products.  Cigars differ greatly to cigarettes with their tobacco amount, size, and length of time to smoke.  Cigars are mostly made of one type of tobacco wrapped in tobacco leaves, range from one to twenty grams of tobacco, and come in three different sizes.  Large-size cigars contain five to twenty grams of tobacco and are seven inches long.  More expensive cigars can take one to two hours to smoke; compared to the average ten minutes to smoke a cigarette.  Medium size cigars contain three grams of tobacco, and are slightly larger than cigarettes.  The final size is called little cigars which contain one gram of tobacco and are the same size as cigarettes.  Some little cigars have filters like cigarettes, unlike the large- and medium-sized cigars.  Cigars still contain very harmful chemicals in their smoke, which includes carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, ammonia, and cadmium.  Cigars are even possibly more toxic than cigarettes, because they contain more tar and have a higher amounts of nitrosamines, which are potent carcinogens that can cause tumor growth.  The wrapper around a cigar prohibits the complete burning of the tobacco causing a higher amount of toxins to be inhaled.  Large cigars with higher amounts of nitrosamines and long exposure increases the risk of getting cancer.   The use of tobacco products not only affects the user, but it also affects the people around the user as well as unborn babies.  Secondhand smoke is when a person who does not smoke inhales the smoke of someone near them.  It has been estimated that 88 million nonsmokers are regularly exposed each year, and 41,000 nonsmokers die from diseases caused by secondhand smoke. Those who are exposed to secondhand smoke, increase the risk of forming heart disease by 25% to 30%, and lung cancer by 20% to 30%.  Secondhand smoke causes an overproduction of phlegm, respiratory infections, reduction in lung function, pneumonia, and bronchitis.  Children exposed to secondhand smoke have a risk of getting ear infections, severe asthma, respiratory infections, and even death .  About 150,000 to 300,000 children younger than a year and half have contracted respiratory tract infections each year, and about 100,00 babies have died from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)  in the past fifty years due to secondhand smoke exposure.  Smoking during pregnancy can cause many risks and problems to the fetus.  A person who smokes while pregnant runs the risk of having a miscarriage, stillborn or premature infants, or infants with low birth weight.  Maternal smoking has been linked to cause behavioral and learning problems in young children.  Smoking more than a pack a day while pregnant, doubles the risk that the child will become addicted if they themselves start smoking.  When an individual is being selfish and decides to smoke around other people, everyone around them pays the price. Cigarette products cost the United States millions of dollars.  About nine billion dollars was spent in advertising of cigarette products.  The total cost of cigarette use in the United States alone is over $300 billion.  About $170 million is spent on medical care for adults, and about $156 million is lost because of premature death of workers.  Individual states are given billions of dollars to spend to prevent tobacco use, but almost no states use this money.  The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is around $ 5.50.  In some states the price is even higher, around $ 8.00 a pack.  An individual who smokes a pack-a-day will spend around $ 38.50.  If he continues this habit, he will spend around $ 2,002.00 a year on cigarettes.  If the person still continues for 50 years, he will have spent $ 100,100.00 on cigarettes.  That is a lot of money spent on just cigarettes.  Not only do cigarettes cost a great deal financially, but it is killing the user at the same time.  Cigarettes do not only affect health and wealth, but the family as well.  The amount of money that was spent on cigarettes could have been spent doing something with family members.  Smoking cigarettes pulls the individual away from their family. When a person quits smoking they can experience many health benefits and lifestyle benefits.  The user’s clothes, breath, and hair will smell better.  Their sense of smell with return, and along with that their sense of taste will be better as well.  Teeth that were stained yellow from smoking or using smokeless tobacco will start to become whiter.  The user will also see their skin starting to become clear.  They can also have their belly fat go down and their risk of getting diabetes will go down as well.  Another benefit from quitting smoking is a lower amount of fats in the blood and lower cholesterol.  It will also be easier and less expensive to find a hotel room.  If the person is an avid smoker and does not want to take the time to go outside every time to smoke, the can get a hotel room that they can smoke in.  This can be expensive and limits your choice to hotel options.  The people surrounded by the person using tobacco products will benefit as well, by not being exposed to secondhand smoke. If the person that is smoking has children, they have a higher chance of smoking when they are older because they copy what their parents do.  One of the most beneficial things that can come from not smoking is the the amount of money a person can save now.  Cigarettes are expensive as stated before a person can spend up to $ 2,002.00 in one year on just cigarettes.  The benefits of making tobacco illegal are numerous and far outweigh the number of bad situations that could come from making tobacco illegal.  There would be a decrease in air pollution, a decrease in littering from used cigarettes buds, and there would also be a major decrease in tobacco product related deaths. There are many pros that come with making tobacco illegal, but some find that not making tobacco illegal is benefiting them.If tobacco was made illegal there would have to be a process to wean the already addicted tobacco users of from using tobacco.  Nicotine patches would be provided by the government, and rehabilitation services would also be provided.  The need for nicotine patches would increase, which could substitute the dip in the economy from the decrease in tobacco product productions.  With not allowing tobacco products to be used by the public, there would need to be a way to get rid of the tobacco products already produced.  The result would be to recycle the products into a compost waste and put them in a dump.  While this seems wasteful, it would benefit the people in the end.Before tobacco would be made illegal there could a way to only make it illegal for recreational use like marijuana, and it would be only be available for medicinal purposes.  The way it would work for medical purposes, is that if a doctor prescribed cigarettes or another form of a tobacco product as a stress reliever the patient would only have access to a controlled amount of tobacco products and not be able to sell them.  The patient would have to be warned of the side effects of using the tobacco products, and would only be prescribed with patients consent. With making tobacco still available to be used be used by doctors for medicinal it could further the understanding of other ways to use tobacco and not just for pleasure purposes.  New ways to use tobacco could be found that could actually benefit the user and not hurt them.  If tobacco was made illegal for recreational purposes and only medicinal purposes, there would still be a need for tobacco.  The farmers that were making the tobacco for public consumers would now sell it to the drug companies.  This way there would not be a dip in the economy from the loss of the tobacco production, and there would not a major decrease in jobs as well.  Making the product still available to the public for only certain situations could lessen the uprising from people who still want tobacco for recreational use.  There could not be such a major result as when alcohol was made illegal.  The reason that there could not be a major result would be because that tobacco products would still be available to the public.  When alcohol was made illegal it sparked a lot of protesting and many uprisings.  Now if tobacco was still made available to the public, there could not be a major uprising which could allow tobacco to made illegal without a massive protest against it.Now with all these negative side effects from using tobacco products there are some positives from using tobacco products.  Smoking can be a stress and anxiety reliever.  It works by taking the smoker away form the situation that is stressing them, and taking the time to smoke.  There is also the chemical release of dopamine in the brain which causes the person to feel good inside, which can act as a stress reliever.   Tobacco can lower the desire for food, which can help those trying to lose weight that can not do it any other way.  It works by acting as an suppressant that lowers you need for food.  It also makes the body burn calories faster.  So if a obese person needed to lose weight, smoking can be alternative to a typical workout schedule.  There is a possibility that smoking can reduce the risk of getting alzheimer’s disease.  This possibility is very low, and not worth the side effects.  Jobs are created by the need for workers in the tobacco industry.  Tobacco can be used in other products which then keeps the farmer with his job.  When a person smokes a chemical is released, carbon monoxide, in small amounts into the bloodstream.  These small amounts of carbon monoxide can prevent blood clots from forming.  Smoking can also lead to a lower risk of total knee replacement.  It also can lower the risk of getting parkinson’s disease, but may lose its effect or get weaker if the person quits smoking.  Smoking can also help alleviate pain caused by inflammatory bowel disease.With the positives effects that come from using tobacco products there are also a legitimate argument against making tobacco illegal.  The most concerning problem if tobacco products were made illegal, is that there could be another prohibition incident. When alcohol was made illegal with the 18th amendment, there was a major uprising from the American people.  It made alcohol more of a problem that when it was not outlawed.  There were secret bars, a boost in gang activity with the popularity of bootlegging, and an increase in people’s desire to want alcohol.  It became a ludicrous business to be in and many took advantage of that.  With the problems already faced with the legalization of marijuana, made tobacco products illegal would just add the numerous problems at hand.  There could be a  “underground tobacco industry” and would could cause more gang violence as seen the past.  There are many problems that would be faced with the illegalization of tobacco products, but the benefits would be numerous. With the amount of problems that tobacco products cause, there are good reasons why tobacco should be outlawed.  Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and cigars have one major thing in common: they harm the body.  Tobacco products are the leading cause of death and disease in the United States.  Smoking in the United States alone causes about 480,000 deaths, and about 16 million suffer from diseases caused by smoking or secondhand smoke  .  Cigarette smoking causes about one-third of all cancer, about 90% of all lung cancer cases, and lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema .   Smoking  increases the risk of heart disease, heart attack, vascular disease, stroke, and aneurysm.  Smoking can cause leukemia, cataracts, and pneumonia.  This list of diseases might not look so bad, but here is a different point of view.  A person thinks he is cool because he carries a pack of cigarettes around with them and brag about how much he smokes.  That pack of cigarettes then turns into an oxygen tank because the smoker develops emphysema.  As the complications of emphysema get worse, blood clots start forming.  One blood clot travels to the brain and it is now being choked of vital oxygen, and a stroke is the end result.  If a stroke doesn’t sound so bad, here is what can then happen: loss of motor skills for walking and talking, vision problems, memory loss, lose control of bowels and have to wear a diaper for the rest of  that person’s  life.  People who use tobacco products know the risks, yet choose to ignore them.  Is using tobacco products really worth a life?

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