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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal? The topic that I have chosen for my research is Gay marriage. The reason I chose this topic, is for its growing concern into today’s social world. I believe that Gay Marriage should be legalized and that those who practice same sex marriage should have the same right as those who view marriage as a traditional partnership between a man and a women. One article that was written by Adam Kolasinski, is stating fact against gay marriage. Adam believes, “Gays should not have the right to be married, but that should have the rights for domestic partnership. ” (Kolasinski, Adam. The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage – The Tech. ” The Tech – MIT’s Oldest and Largest Newspaper. 30 Nov. 2011)I think Adam is mistaken because he overlooks the reasoning of the legal documents of marriage. For couples in same sex marriage, the do not have the rights to make a medical decisions in an emergency, while those in traditional marriages have the right to. The legal document of marriage allow the spouse of love ones to make medical decisions Traditionally in this country, marriage has been defined as a religious & legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as the ultimate expression of love.

Gay relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance in this country, however, these couples have not been permitted to marry. Some states have considered a new form of commitment called a civil union, which essentially is marriage without using the word marriage. One side of the argument believes that granting legal marriage rights to gays and lesbians would threaten the stability of the family, a pillar of our society. The other side believes, granting legal marriage rights under the law must extend to gays and lesbians to ensure that all citizens enjoy full human rights.

Some would argue that gay marriage could benefit marriage. In an article written for gay marriage, Austin Cline reports that, “If gay couples in committed relationships are able to formalize their unions as marriages, that can only serve to improve marriage overall by providing more positive role models. ” (“Arguments for Gay Marriage: Moral and Social Arguments for the Legalization of Gay Marriages. ” Agnosticism / Atheism – Skepticism & Atheism for Atheists & Agnostics. Web. 30 Nov. 2011. ). One argument made for same sex marriage, is that of equal rights.

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Denying marriage to same-sex couples removes from one group a fundamental, the right to marry the person that one loves and to whom one has made a commitment. Most would see that is unfair and unjust in a democracy. Also dignity and respect comes into play. The institution of marriage conveys dignity and respect towards a couple that make a lifetime commitment to support each other. Same-sex couples expect to be treated with the same respect. Another argument that can be made is financial and security issues. Denying one group the right to marry has many adverse emotional and financial consequences.

Some examples of this would be, Social Security, Medicare, medical leave, and other benefits. On the other side of the side of the argument, religious freedom plays a role against same-sex marriage, for most Americans, marriage is a religious sacrament or ceremony. Most religions, of course, my claim that gay marriage should be legal. If the law of marriage is changed to allow same-sex marriage, some religious individuals and groups feel that they will become at risk of having to violate their beliefs by being forced to marry same-sex couples.

Another argument that can be made is children benefits. Some religious researchers believe that children thrive best in a home with a married mother and father, rather than two of the same sex. This is based on the fact that boys and girls have different needs can bet met uniquely by both genders. In another article written by Joe Messerli, Joe states, “It confuses children about gender roles and expectations of society, and only a ma and a women can pro-create. ”(Messerli, Joe. “BalancedPolitics. org – Same Sex Marriages (Pros & Cons, Arguments For and Against, Advantages & Disadvantages). BalancedPolitics. org – Free Balanced, Non-Partisan Discussion of Political & Social Issues for Debate (Pros and Cons – Decision Making Politics). 30 Nov. 2011 . ) Although Joe Messerli does not say it directly, he assumes that, same sex parents are not able to provide a decent household for a child’s development. I have to somewhat disagree with his statement. I do agree with part of his argument by saying that, children should have a household environment with both a mother and a father in it.

That does not mean that couples of the same sex, can’t also teach good values to child even though not all of their needs can be meet. When it comes down to it, same sex marriages will be an ongoing concern. Religious groups will always look at it differently based on there beliefs, even though the separation of church and state has been constitutionalized. Gays couples have earned some rights through civil union , but not all the same right as traditional married couples do.

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