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The losses are never always monetary losses.

Sometimes it can also take a person’s life, like in case of a hospital, if all the staff goes on strike, who will take care of the ill specially those who are under critical condition and are admitted in the ICU? It is difficult to imagine what will happen to the patients if the hospital staffs stop working altogether. I do not think hospital staffs should go for strike. Hospital staff going for strike is like terrorist kidnapping an airplane. The authorities have to fulfill the demand in order to save the life of the critical patients. Allowing hospital staff to go for strike means giving them power in hands to get any demand fulfilled. There are many ways by which employees of a hospital or any other organization can protest. Strike should be used as the last resort.

Stopping the health care facilities to all the patients in a hospital is equal to committing a murder. Patients will die. Many people feel every person has equal right to protest, and there may be some cases where hospital employees may genuinely have a point to protest. Agreed in some cases strike may be the only option to get the demand fulfill but we also have to look at the consequences. One cannot ignore the effects of strike in a hospital; it will cause a lot of stress among the patients and their family members. Advancement of science and technology has created many advanced health related treatments, tools and machinery.

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These tools and machinery have greatly reduced the risk of harmful diseases. It is very shame for the world at large if a person dies due to the lack of treatment by the hospital staff even after the advancement in the medicine.

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