The pain that death offers. Though the

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The poet also has the number of his father recorded in his address book which is now useless. He is repeating the behavior of his father who also lived his life believing that his wife is still alive. Though his father believed that his wife would come back, but the poet is aware of the fact that his parents will not come back. The poem is an ironic piece and explains how the loss of a loved one can result in the lost of an individual’s peace of mind even though he is surrounded by his family and friends.

It is the feeling of standing in a crowd and still feeling alone. The earlier one understands that death is an essential part of life, the better his or her life becomes. The poet says that we should learn to live without the people we love and if we start detaching ourselves from these people at an early age, we soon become capable of coming at par with the pain that death offers. Though the poem is short but it has a deep hidden message and meaning.

Accepting death as a bitter truth which is essential for one and all.

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