Not also have to stop loving you too,

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Not just the tangible objects like autumn leaf, or ash and log at the fireplace; even the intangible things like aromas and light makes me think of you. The aroma in the air seems like the sweet aroma of yours; the light at the fireplace is like the shine of your eyes, the metal piece is like the glow of your body. Everything reminds me of you and pulls me towards me. I feel that these objects should turn into a boat and carries me to you by any way.

Next, the poet becomes a little sad and weighs the other side. He says, if by contrast, you stop loving me with time, then I would not be able to help the situation, but maybe I will also have to stop loving you too, since time heals all the wounds. The poet, analyses the worse of the situations as well. He says that if you all of a sudden, forget me and just do not long for me, search me, and think that I will also forget you with time. Then that may not happen. If you think that you leave me like this, and I shall forget you too with the passage of time, with new events coming in my life, then you are thinking wrong. That day rather shall be the last day of my life. That day, I shall lift my arms up and pray from the God to take my life, since it is not possible to live without you.

But if by contrast, your love is also true like mine, and you also think like me, that we both are made for each other. If you also love me, then we both shall seek all the sweetness in our lives. Then each day in your life shall look like a sweet soft flower, and then I am all alive, just for you. The fire in me will be ignited by your love. I shall never forget you and nothing in me will ever be dead even. My love will get the energy from your love. We both shall live and even die in each others arms.

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