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Now the author compares the daffodils to the shining stars that twinkle in the Milky Way as the number of daffodils lined near the river seems to be thousands in number. He means that just as the milky-way is like a big sparkling stretch of stars which looks so beautiful, the daffodils also give the same feeling like looking at the beauty of milky-way in a clear serene sky during night time. He compares the quantity of the flowers to the continuity of the stars using words like “never-ending” and “continuous”. He is talking about the thousands and thousands around this particular bay. And all these flowers seemed to be dancing.

The Author says that even though he can see the waves of the river move as if in a dance it is no comparison to the performance the daffodils are providing just for him. They out-perform the “sparkling” waves in a way that is exhilarating to him as he looks at the scene and the “jocund” company he is in. He cannot help but feel “gay” at the show presented to him.

The Author describes how that scene has affected him because whenever he is indoors in his home and on his own “in the bliss of solitude” the memory of those flowers fills him with pleasure and it is as if his heart “dances with the daffodils”.

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Again the use of words like “bliss” show his happiness each time the memory of those flowers and the way they danced that day comes back to him. He often sits on his couch, kind of feeling blah about life, with no great thoughts and sights. Sometimes his mind is empty and “vacant,” like a bored teenager sitting on the sofa after school and trying to decide what to do.

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