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“?” this poem touches all the boundaries of imagination. The poet is imagining having two wives at a time but he is confused whether to live such life in real or just imagine it. For this he is giving interrogation of both ladies. He cleverly explains both ladies in words that any men usually used to explain. It is said that every men dies once bonded in the game of marriage but if there are two wives in the life, then what will happen? Is it possible to live happy after having two ladies in life? How their behavior will be? How they will react to each other? Will those ladies balance life or will they make it more complicated? All these questions are answered in this poem.

Marriage is a pure sacred bond between a men and women. It simply means adjusting each other and supporting each other in bad situations. Marriage means sharing of thoughts, sharing of ideas, sharing one bed and living for each other. In short marriage means two bodies living with a one soul.

Poet is explaining one lady as a straight and other as a dull. This simply means all women are different. No two women can be found who have same thoughts. Each woman has her own style, her own look and her own skills. If someone wishes to have all qualities in one woman then it is necessary to marry number of women. This can be the message from this poem.

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Poet is very clear about his thoughts and thus in the end he honestly accepts the fact that one man can survive only if he has one woman in his life. This poem is very uneven and has conventional theme. Poet asks one question in the end which is the example of intelligent puzzle intended for the wed-seeker. The main aim of this poem is to give advice to all wed-seekers. If they are trying to get married then this poem can give them one more chance to think on their decision one more time.

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