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But sooner, the man realises that he has also lost something very significant and feels the lack of the feeling called “Love” in his life. This is the time when both of them feel desolate and incomplete and nothing appeals them and life becomes dull and sad.

The pain caused by this loss becomes incumbent in every daily chore of life. This means that the absence of love and the distress is felt every moment. The suffering and the grief is huge, but still the reason for love seems to be inexplicable. The man is also afraid at this time that even if he was able to get back true love in life, it would not be easy to get along.

The old memories will keep him aghast and remind him of his old love. He also has the fear of being shaken as the love that comes to his life will remind him of his past relationship. It will play with his heart which has already lost the feelings that it held and has become so mechanical.

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Again the remembrance of the past love makes him sad. He thinks how he had tried to put an end to everything without trying to hurt his love. But love has such an impact that she was hurt deep inside on losing her love. The emptiness created by the absence of love made her feel depressed and sorrowful. He also tried to mend the bond of love and friendship and to save the loss from happening by calming her down.

But he failed to save anything and it was always a huge loss. He failed to bring her back in his after losing her once. Now she is probably in some other world. Both the lovers are mourning the loss of love in their lives and are feeling the pain of separation.

The man now repents and wishes if he could get back the love in his life just like a “lost kitten” coming home. He desires to collect it like strawberries. These expressions show the deep feeling of regret that the man undergoes after losing his love. He imagines his love coming back to life, but then wakes up to reality and confesses that life does not move your way and give you all that you want.

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