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He then makes a remark on the people who want to go with the war and victimise others. He thinks that such people only face ignominy and defeat at the end. As per the poet, a person who doesn’t find anything good inside himself tries to pour his outrage on the people around.

But, howsoever the people be, the poet wants to keep memories of the good things and shun away the bad experiences and ill luck that came his way. He is convinced with the fact that this world is a good world and has a lot to offer other than just hatred and war.

The poet knows that some people may find his attitude dumb and think that he is facing off the reality. But he still wants to keep his hopes high and see the good part of this world and not try to look at the dreadful side. He wants to not let his love and enthusiasm for life be dulled by the unfortunate happenings in this world. He wants to feel extremely positive and confident by looking at the hints of a positive tomorrow instead of being bogged down by the negativity that prevails.

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The poet then talks to a girl, probably a young girl, whom he tells that you are now exhausted because you have helped me get out of my dreadful past. You have let the monster or the ill-side of me go away permanently. This suggests that the girl has, in some way, helped the poet look at the beautiful side of the world and let his ugly side which would have victimised people be dead. He promises to live with her and bring the best that he can until both of them die. He feels proud and strong and again repeats his gut which says that the world is a good world and we must learn to live a life without any fear.

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