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The poet undertakes a child’s sadness start on. Her evaluation of sadness is all encircling to comprise many of the reasons of sadness and all the optional mixtures. She hints all people in the world are sad at one time or the other but only few have the gift to overlook what it is which is landing back their pleasure of life.

Childhood memories have great impact on a mature personality. These memories can affect the present as well as future of a person. “A sad child” exactly explains how these memories can affect life. A child is shown sad in this poem but the reason behind his sadness lets everyone to think on.
In one’s last moments and bereavement is taking clutch of our hand, then the poet tells the sad child the previous thing on one’s mentality will be sorrow. In an occasion when our life is in danger then only we will crave to live more. If sorrow is on one’s mentality while combating for life then the entire of mankind must be poignant. The recommended point is we are not all poignant as no one assumes the past of sadness when their life was in danger. It is the factual nature of everyone to live.

This poem says that depression is a piece of a deceptive ego, which may be a darkness, the descriptions of terrible memories that origins despair that comes into clash with thoughts of self-esteem. Despair starts from an occasion in instant, just like a neighborhood party, when feelings get hurt and so ego get raised, just like being the preferred thing, get affronted, and person felt like zilch.
The end part of the poem states that the realism is everyone will die sooner or later for sure. This life is short-lived, and demise is the equalizer that trims down everyone to not being particular by taking away one’s individuality, or self-esteem.

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